Rural Women in Ag ~ Part 2

The Keynote speaker at this years conference was Jolene Brown.  Jolene is a professional speaker, author, family business consultant, and Iowa Farm Wife.  Her first presentation was about looking at agriculture products through the eyes of the consumer.  She touched on embracing change, what type of business we are in, and consumer values and purchasing habits.  I will do a future blog post highlighting these issues.  Jolene also did a breakout session titled “The Facts of Life: When Family and Business Collide.”

Dawn and I at the Falls.


After dinner the Conference Committee came up with a fun interactive activity for the group.  “How the Globe Spins” challenged attendees to think about the year 2013 (20 years in the future) in terms of fuel, family, education, environment, and economy.  Ideas were shared in terms of what our lives will will look like, concerns, vital changes we think are coming our way and additional areas that will be largely effected in the years ahead.   

Kari, Amy ( and I.


We had two afternoon speakers.  The first was Richelle Hofer an Associate Wealth Advisor with Cornerstone Financial Solutions.  She talked about putting together a “Death Folder” containing a will, vital statistics about yourself, funeral preferences, letters to family members, who you want key possessions to go to, and financial suggestions.  She also visited with us about estate planning and the importance of Power of Attorney – Health and Finance. 

The second speaker, Patrick Garrity, informed us about the Buy Fresh Buy Local program in South Dakota.  His presentation was to increase our awareness of local food trends and cooperatives we can buy from or get involved with. 

Ladies from my home County that attended the Conference. Janet, Me, Holly, Lorrie and Geraldine.


The conference afternoon wrapped up with door prizes and good byes.

I am very excited about the opportunity to attend quality conferences like Rural Women in Agriculture.  These events are a great way to celebrate the bonds of women, share our agriculture story, and learn from peers and professionals.

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  1. Candy C. says:

    What a wealth of information you all received! I look forward to your future posts! 🙂

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