Ribs on the Egg

I was worried about what to get J for Christmas. He kept telling me not to worry as the gift he bought was more of an “us” thing and a bigger purchase. I was excited and not totally surprised when J revealed the Big Green Egg. He wanted to get one for my birthday last year and I was not ready to tackle a new project during calving season. We looked one over at the Nebraska State Fair and hadn’t talked about it since. J was thrilled to tell me he got a really good deal on the egg and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

J has spent every free moment and cold afternoon watching You Tube videos about how to use the egg. We really wanted to do a Boston butt (pork shoulder roast) for the Super Bowl, but that didn’t work out. Between the nice weather and anticipation we couldn’t wait any longer. Thursday morning I got out two racks of ribs. J had a plan and I was his sous chef.

Here’s what we did:

Thursday evening: We rub and wrapped ribs to marinade over night. J found a basic rub recipe and I mixed up the ingredients. We basted the ribs with a thin layer of plain yellow mustard and a generous amount of seasonings. The mustard was simply the “glue” to make the rub stick.

February 9

Friday Morning: J was up and had the egg lighted and preheating by 6 o’clock. He took a disposable 9 X 13″ lasagna pan and filled it with water and apple juice to provide moisture during the smoking process. At 7 o’clock we put the ribs in a rib rack and set them in the green egg. We ended up cutting the two racks in half and had four pieces of ribs.

We closely monitored the egg’s temperature and kept it between 200-225*.

February 9

At 9 o’clock chores were interrupted to wrap ribs. We added a little apple juice to the ribs before we double wrapped them in tin foil.

A little after 11 we unwrapped the ribs. J couldn’t help himself and took a taste test. Yes, he shared with me! At this point the ribs were pretty much done. We put a light coat of Awesome BBQ Sauce on three of the racks and let them cook for another 30 minutes.Last, we let the ribs rest before digging in.

February 9

Our first time cooking ribs on the green egg was a delicious success! We are thinking about having some neighbors over for Valentine’s Day so we can cook a Boston butt. Pork: We are Inspired!

February 9

Rub Recipe:

1/5 T Cayenne Pepper

1/4 C Paprika

1 1/4 T Ground Black Pepper

1 T Kosher Salt

1/2 T Mustard Powder

3/4 T Chili Powder

3/4 T Garlic Powder

1/5 T Onion Powder

1/2 C Brown Sugar

This rub had a little kick and was just right for my taste. J requested that we cut the cayenne pepper in half and use 1/4 cup more brown sugar on our next batch.

 If you have a favorite rub recipe or marinade, feel free to share! What do you cook on your Big Green Egg?

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9 Responses to Ribs on the Egg

  1. Jona says:

    The ribs look AMAZING!!!! How fun!

  2. Ginger Goddard Hanten says:

    Thanks for the detailed tour of cooking ribs on your new Egg. I am going to try the recipe + we have always been interested in the Egg grill. It might be our next grill purchase. I enjoy all of your posts – keep them coming! It is very cold and icy here this a.m. We will be staying in the house as the ice is even on the door mats. We don’t need any broken bones.

    • Robyn says:


      I hope you get a green egg too. Like I said before we have been thinking about it for almost a year. We have several friends with upright smokers and they enjoy them. The thing about smoking foods is we have to think ahead to thaw meat, marinade and smoke. The egg can also be used as a charcoal grill. We wanted to try that today, but ended up transferring pellets instead.

      Be safe in the cold. Today we had dense fog all day, it was frosty too. I’m glad you enjoy my blog and I always enjoy your comments. Thank You!

  3. Those look amazing! Ribs are in my top 5 favorite foods. And an egg is on the wish list too…will certainly come back to this post! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      I was very serious about J watching You Tube videos. He also ask advise of his Brother and a Cousin that have green eggs. I think he was nervous about the first time around and it all went good.

      Let me know if you get a green egg.

  4. They look AWESOME! Mitch is going to have to read this later when he’s in from the woods. Smoked ribs and meats are one of his great passions. 🙂

    He does many racks of ribs at once in our big smoker, then we wrap them in freezer paper and freeze them, so all we have to do is warm them in the oven on quick dinner nights.

    • Robyn says:

      J used a little apple wood and a piece of pecan wood for his smoke. The meat didn’t have any apple flavor from the wood or apple juice; just a nice smokey BBQ flavor.

      I put a cooked rack in the freezer for another day. Glad to hear that they are just as good warmed for quick dinner nights.

  5. Alica says:

    Oh yummmm…they look delicious! We really need to get some kind of smoker/grill!

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