Red Cone Flowers

It’s an amazing sight to see so many wild flowers across the prairie. Earlier in the summer we had an abundance of yellow coneflowers, in addition to the purple variety. During haying season, I spotted these red coneflowers. One had to be looking for them as they were a beautiful few and far between sight.

Red Cone Flowers

J and I kept busy last week. I can report the haying equipment is cleaned up, power washed, greased and put away for winter storage. That task took us Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday. I also cleaned up the ranch pickup and mowed the lawn. Tuesday was a “dirty jobs” kind of day.

Red Cone Flowers

Wednesday J and I spent the morning replacing two fence corners. The first corner was mysteriously hit during haying season. I know for a fact I did not run into it with the rake! We are still unsure of what happened, but it’s fixed now. The second corner was in bad shape and needed replaced. In the afternoon, I went to town to run errands and go to the Farmer’s Market.

J and Cousin T went to fix a windmill. About 7:00 pm J called to say he would not me home for supper as Janelle was frying the fish they caught in our stock dam. The fishing was so good they had to call Roy to come help them. Apparently, it must not have taken them long to fix the windmill.

August 10

We got rain! Wednesday night and early Thursday morning we had thunder storms come through leaving us with .55″ of munch needed moisture.

I spent most of Thursday morning in the kitchen while J checked cattle. After dinner I tied up a couple of projects I’ve been working on and got things ready so we could leave for the weekend. Yes, another adventure for us!

Red Cone Flowers

Friday we loaded up the station wagon and headed east. We went to visit Mark and Jona and take in Meatfest 2015! (Meatfest 2011 and 2012) We had a great time. Mike, Kari and the kids and Jona’s immediate family also came Friday afternoon. Saturday we got ready for the big event. Mark made Boston butts, pork ribs and brisket. He also had a several homemade bar-b-que sauces. Meatfest attendees included Mark and Jona’s families, co-workers, neighbors and friends. There were lots of potluck favorites to go along with the main attraction. Sunday we continued catching up with our friends, picked up groceries and made it home by mid-afternoon.

Saturday night we got another .30″ of rain.

Red Cone Flowers

This will be another full week for us. J wants to start tackling a few fencing projects and Thursday I am helping at the County Fair. Saturday we have a wedding on the other side of the State. I can’t remember J and I  having a summer with so many social activities in August! Funny how we go for so long with a few social events and then get  a month full of places to go.

Red Cone Flowers

What ranch or farm activities are going on at your place? Has your August been busy with social activities? If so, what have you been up to?

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7 Responses to Red Cone Flowers

  1. Janet says:

    I’ve only seen a couple red cone flowers. A rarity for sure.
    What kind of bird in the first pictures has the blue breast?
    Have a great week and been seeing you later this week.

    • Robyn says:

      I was so excited to find the red coneflowers!
      You lost me on the bird question, but I look forward to seeing you at the fair.

  2. Jan Gossman says:

    Hi Robyn, We also noticed a lot of cone flowers up at our farm land, yellow and the pretty purple and even a few pink ones were everywhere! August looks to be full for us and was June and July. June we hosted 7 Japanese people. One of Tim’s brothers and his wife brought 7 of their friends over from Japan for a week at our place. Lots of fun learning about another culture. County Fair this weekend; entering a quilt. See you there.

    • Robyn says:

      Sounds like your summer has been full of fun stuff. I bet it was neat to host 7 Japanese people. I’m sure there was a lot to talk about.
      I’m helping judge the 4-H static entries again this year.

  3. CountryMum says:

    I have never seen red cone-flowers before. They are truly beautiful, and well spotted.

  4. Kim says:

    Those aren’t prairie flowers I have run across here. Beautiful!

  5. Love your flowers and the fish photo!
    There’s always a little fishing going on around here. We didn’t catch any on our last outing Friday night, but the peace and fun of the outing was well worth it.
    Happy to have had rain recently, too.. we needed it!
    Here we are back to another week of the guys working on framing up a house, we stopped by the job site to see them yesterday. The saying about making hay while the sun shines applies to us in the building sense.. it’s been a full summer, and when August comes it reminds us that the rush of fall is at our heels!

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