Really Windy

Late last week we enjoyed beautiful weather.  We had temps in the 30’s and little wind. Our temperatures are still in the 30’s, but the wind is a different story.  The last few days have been very windy and it sounds like it’s not going to let up for a few more days.  I don’t like the sound of howling wind.

January 14

The nice weather means the Rancher has outside projects!  Due to our lack of an autumn, we didn’t get many fall projects done.  One such task is cleaning the calving barn.  Usually we tear down all the pens then clear it out.  Last weekend we pitched out the pens and J used the BobCat to clean the main part of the barn.  We hauled the straw out and bedded down the calves.  The barn was not in bad shape as we spiffed it up several while calving last year.  We like to start the season with a fresh barn.  I liked that we didn’t have to carry lots of panels and try to remember how they all fit together.

This is a picture of the first calf heifers, second calvers, and a few old cows.  They know what the sound of a tractor means.

January 14

Another warm weather task J keeps on top of is greasing machinery.  Whenever he gets a chance J likes go through and grease the machinery we use to feed with.  It’s important to keep all those parts moving.

Things are melting around here.  We have ice, sheets and sheets of ice.  The yard is one big slick spot and the lots are treacherous.  The cattle walk with precaution.  Maybe the wind will help melt and dry things out.

January 14Our little Rosie girl is growing like a weed!  She goes almost everywhere with one of us. We now have her trained to “get in” a vehicle and “ok”, “get out” or “that’ll do” She is starting to show more interest in the cattle.  We don’t let her in the corals, but she tries to help.  She hears “go to the house!” a lot.

January 14

Yesterday, J went to the sale barn.  I stayed home and did some cooking/ meal prep for this week.  I also wrote a couple of magazine articles.  The house was quiet and I took advantage.

What kind of January projects are you working on?

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15 Responses to Really Windy

  1. Darcy says:

    Sorry to hear about the wind – we’ve had it here too (50-70 mph gusts) but it’s been in the 40’s and 50’s thankfully so it hasn’t affected the new baby calves too badly. Your cows look to be in great condition – I hope calving goes really well for you!

  2. Candy C. says:

    What?!? Temps in the 30s is “nice” weather?!? Brrrr…
    We fixed the windows on the hen house this week, they were getting loose, and I have been tending my winter garden. Our temps are in the mid-to-high 60s! 😉

  3. cheri says:

    You did get our wind! Pretty nasty! It did melt all the ice and the frost came outta the ground. We’ve been having record warm temps!
    Your cows look good.
    Rosie is just precious. Our 2 pups are going everywhere with us too. They love to “help”. They watched as we ran our replacements in the barn. I think Bandit was their hero since she helped me push them up the alley. 🙂 And they were fascinated with my horse. Good sign. 🙂

  4. Loretta Beavis says:

    I know what the wind is like…sometimes it does that for a week in the Mojave, I think the change of seasons moves a lot of air (the earth-axis tilt changes). Here wind moves sand with it.
    My project is to take down the pig/goat/chicken pen complex I had last year and re-work the big fencing into “backyard” corral and a paddock out back for a horse I will foster-care this year. He is at my friend’s rescue. It is hard work alone, but I feel good at the end of each day.

    Are all ranchers using vehicles these days or do some ride horses in better weather?

    The pictures are beautiful!

  5. Linda W says:

    Yeah it was really windy here in Portland last weekend. Sounds like it’s traveled east to you. Your little Rosie is really growing up fast. She’s just a doll! Batten down the hatches, and I hope your wind goes away soon.

  6. Your kind words meant a lot Robyn… love your little Rosie, what a sweet girl… I like it sometimes when the house is quiet…

  7. Lots of chores for you both and Rosie ~ good thing you are young ~ My main chore in Jan is ‘shoveling’ if my back allows and my dog, the house and photography and writing ~ I feel blessed ~ wonderful photography and post ~ carol, xxx

  8. Love the portrait of Rosie. And the cows, waiting patiently.

    Here it’s 10° today, which is nice than most days, being at least above zero.. but we, too have the WIND!
    I just took all of our recycling to town, and felt so bad for the crew outside – they had face masks & balaclavas & insulated overalls, but the parking lot where they work was an awful gusty wind tunnel. Burr!

    Stay warm, Robyn! Hope the wind dies down. If I think our wind is bad, I can only imagine how it is for you. We’ve experienced Dakota winds, and they are like no other!

    • Robyn says:

      Only 10*? Our temps have been in the upper 30’s maybe low 40’s. At least with warmer tempts the wind is tolerable. Sounds like Friday will be a nice day.

      I hope you stay warm too!

  9. Eden Hills says:

    Great shots. The wind here has been rough too. We’ve got that ice melt stuff in the barnyard too. I worry about my old steer on that stuff.

    • Robyn says:


      Ice and cattle do not make a good combination. We have been taking things really slow when gathering cattle.

      From the looks and age of your steer, I would worry too.

  10. Aunt Linda says:

    Rosie is adorable. Does she stay in the house with Molly or is she an outside dog? Ear scratches to Molly and Rosie!

    • Robyn says:

      Hi Linda!
      Rosie is an outside dog. We let her in the entry because of the cold, but come spring she will stay out full time.

  11. Linda R says:

    I have to agree with you, I don’t like the wind much either. I do love reading your life on the farm. And your photos are wonderful. TFS..


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