Random Thoughts About Everyday Things

It’s been a week of random ranch tasks, ranch wife creations, beautiful weather, family and fun.

November 7

Outside my window… the weather continues to be gorgeous. We’ve had a little wind, but mostly sunny days in the 60’s. Maybe a low 70’s temperature. The extended weather forecast is saying our above normal temperatures are soon coming to an end.

November 7

I am reading… more World War II time period fictional novels. My current read is It is Well by James D. Shipman. Last week I finished The Throwaway Children by Diney Costelo.

November 7

A favorite quote… CALF News Magazine Contributing Editor Chris McClure wrote in his article Working to Stay Young (October/November 2016 Issue; page 11):

“When I read the Bible I see lots of references to labor, but I’ve never seen a single reference to retirement or vacation, or sitting on my rear. Maybe I’m crazy, but I like work. I like to see the fruits of my labor. I like to figure out how to make something better. I like to take a break-even and turn it into a profit. I want the challenge. No, I need the challenge.”

November 7

Some of my favorites… are the little everyday things that make me smile. I love when the neighbors horses are at the mail box when I go to get the mail. My pride of cats that greet me every morning. That my kitties are healthy and happy. The hens and their brown and turquoise eggs! I will tell you those eggs are more tasty than they are cute.

November 7

Around the ranch… T and B came home Friday morning. Friday evening two more of J’s uncles made the trip west. The three Uncles have been deer hunting and we’ve been enjoying extra social activity the last few days.

November 7

I am Thankful… for our Veteran’s and active military. For the men and women who bravely serve to protect our country, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I’m also grateful for the sacrifices that the families of Veterans and active military make.  

November 7

I am creating… custom mixed media art pieces and window frame chalkboards. Last week was a creative one! I took two window frames and distressed them; then added a chalkboard were the window used to be.

I also had an order for a custom mixed media piece. Since I had all my crafty stuff out I made two for the gal to choose from. She loved the pictures and wanted them both!

I spent last Saturday in North Dakota Border Town at a Fall Craft Fair. I had a successful and fun day. I sold several of my big projects, half my shelf sitters and a few greeting cards.

November 14

As we start this week, may we enjoy the last days of opening house windows. May we relax with a good book during the longer evening hours. May we be inspired by people we interact with, thoughts we read and the little things that bring a smile to our face.

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts About Everyday Things

  1. Alica says:

    Your kitties and your chickens sure do look healthy and happy! No place like a farm (or ranch!) for them to run around and thrive! Thanks for sharing what you’re reading. I’m always looking for some new ideas, and now that winter is coming…brrr…the more book the better!

  2. Bonnie says:

    It is so true about enjoying the little things. I have so enjoyed deer hunting this fall. Just sitting in nature and watching everything go on. I got my deer so the butchering begins. I am grateful for all little things that make up my day. As for retiring, I want to so I can do the million projects I enjoy. There is no sitting around here.

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