Random Shots from the Nebraska State Fair

Happy Labor Day to you and the unofficial end to summer. J and I are big fans of autumn. Crisp mornings, sunny days in the 70’s, fall cattle work, football games and soup. Not to mention the gorgeous colors of fall.

September 7

I took a few pictures at the State Fair, but not nearly as many as years past. Mom and I took a photo walk and brainstormed about an idea for her next Chuteside Manner column. It was fun to take pictures with Mom.

September 7

The above Southdown is not Mom’s sheep, but I thought she was pretty.

September 7

I saw this sign in the Dairy barn and love the vintage look of it.

September 7

The aged ram photographed above was a character. Mom and I both had fun with this photogenic guy. The gal who brought him to the fair enjoyed telling us his story.

September 7

Mom has one older sister and she has two kids. The little guy on Mom’s lap is David, the son of my Cousin Ted. I hadn’t seen Ted and his wife, Rachel, for several years and had not met David yet. It was good to catch up with them at the Fair.

In addition, Miles got to meet David too. Miles was not happy that another little boy was sitting on his Grammy’s lap!

September 7

One of Mom’s first cousins has a daughter that shows sheep. Above and below are her little ones. Andrew and Melanie are active helpers in the sheep barn. Every year Eileen and Corey shear shapes in to the wool of a lamb and dye the wool with kool-aid. This year’s lamb was “pumpkin.”

Having family in the sheep barn is another thing that makes the State Fair fun!

September 7

Since returning home from Nebraska J has kept us busy. We’ve been hauling hay and hay hauling. We’ve been starting the day at first light and working until mid afternoon or early evening. Last week we had a few hot days and were concerned about the possibility of fire danger. We’ve made a dent in moving hay home!

Sunday greeted us with cooler temps and a well deserved day off. We had friends over for fishing at the stock dam and pulled pork.

September 7

What have you been up to this first week of September?

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3 Responses to Random Shots from the Nebraska State Fair

  1. Kim says:

    The Kansas State Fair will begin on Friday. We will have the granddaughters this weekend while their Daddy is in a wedding. We may meet to give the girls back at the fair, depending on how hot it is! We’ll spend the day on September 18. Randy will work in the Kansas Wheat booth and we both have Master Farmer/Master Farm Homemaker events.

    We are hoping for cooler weather this week. Unfortunately, we missed the rain that came through parts of Kansas yesterday. We need it, especially on our new alfalfa. I guess it will mean that Randy can try the last corn field this afternoon though. It was too wet last week.

  2. Gwen says:

    Kool-aid dyed lambs … how kool! We were at the Nebraska State Fair 5 years ago. I loved the quilt barn.

  3. Alica says:

    Our local fair will be two weeks from now, and it’s always a highlight! Those kiddos are doing a great job with their sheep…they look quite comfortable there, like they’ve been doing that quite a few times! 🙂

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