Random Garden Five

This week’s Random 5 Friday comes from my container garden.

1.  The tomato plants are growing like crazy.  I keep seeing green tomatoes and can’t wait to eat the first pick.

August 15

2.  There is a jalapeno or two getting close.  The Bell Peppers are slow growing.

August 15

3.  I grew up with a big family garden that was also a 4-H project.  Our goal was to start the season on Good Friday by planting potatoes.  Soon after we got out sticks and string and planted beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, onions, pumpkins and tomatoes.  When I was in High School, Mom thought it would be fun to add broccoli, brussels sprouts, Indian Corn and zucchini to the mix.

August 15

4.  It never failed, after a week of County Fair and ignoring the garden we would come home to vegetables that needed immediate attention.  In the heat and humidity of Nebraska’s August we blanched and froze vegetables.  We also made roasters full of vegetable beef stew and froze them in family sized portions.

August 15

5.  Just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, the neighbor would show up with bushel baskets full of sweet corn.  Baskets of sweet corn!  Another day or two of putting up corn and we could barely get the freezer doors shut.

How does your garden look?

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19 Responses to Random Garden Five

  1. Sandra says:

    We are still waiting on tomatoes! With the cooler weather they are taking their time turning red.

  2. Garden? What garden? I have to depend on any kind neighbors or the farmer’s market for my fresh veggies. YUM

  3. Kim says:

    We had tomatoes earlier, but they have slowed way down. We’ve had some cucumbers and a couple of zucchini so far. We never seem to have much luck with peppers. We’ve been enjoying the potatoes, too. We don’t have a big garden. And, thankfully, Randy keeps it alive. I don’t have much of a green thumb. (It’s probably more an aversion to being hot, if I’m honest.)

  4. Your plants look great! We’ve been getting in a lot of tomatoes lately and I’m trying to figure out how to use them up before they go bad! It’s just the two of us so we can’t eat them all as fast as they are coming in.

    Bushel baskets of sweet corn sounds amazing!

  5. cheri says:

    If I had to grow my own food, I would not survive! Only 1 apple on the tree! 🙁 I tried to grow veggies, they didn’t make it. Late frost. 🙁 Your tomatoes look good!

  6. Gardens are grand!! 🙂 Your story reminds me of here.. our neighbors in their 90’s tend to want to bring all excess harvest our way.. things really pile up around September!
    We have tried out just about every vegetable we can think of in our garden over the years. Okra. Rutabaga. Parsnips. Our broccoli is doing pretty good this year!
    I notice many bloggers saying their tomatoes aren’t turning red this year. I try hard to keep up with pruning suckers off ours – which keep them more like vine & less like a bushy jungle. I’m not sure, but I think that might help with ripening.

  7. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn wish you were here filling my freezer:) Oh your photos are fabulous. Still haying here only six more fields left finally the end is near. Off to get ready for baling. Take care Hug B

  8. Beth says:

    wow, you have lots of fresh veggies. so fun. you enjoy! ( :

  9. Snap says:

    Your veggies all look great. Loved your garden story. My granny always planted on Good Friday … sweet memories!

  10. my landlord has tomatoes planted in the yard. They are just turning red now and I think he’s eaten a few of them. I’m hoping he’ll want to share.

  11. Linda R says:

    WOW! Your garden looks amazing. I have to go to farmers markets to get veggies like this!

    Happy Friday.

  12. lynn says:

    I am really envious of your garden, we have flowers bushes and a few trees and lots of herbs, terrible soil. What a great way to learn how to plant, care for and put away produce!

  13. Karen says:

    Your garden looks great! I don’t have one, but wish I did – another one that I say “someday” to. For now, I go to farmers markets.

  14. My garden? that happens to be when I sneak next door and pick stuff out of my son-in-laws garden. The tomatoes are about done, plenty of peppers left and I am watching a pumpkin that came up volunteer in my yard.

  15. Roxi says:

    Sounds familiar! I’ve got my corn in the freezer. I now cut it off the cob raw, cook it about 6 minutes and throw it in the freezer. Way easier. Love your photos.

  16. mary says:

    Oooooo! Now i’m craving vegetables! All kinds of veggies. Veggie stew, veggie soup.. even though it’s 85 and very humid outside. We have the air conditioner going in here. 🙂 Those green tomatoes look pretty, but they’ll taste better when they’re red.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. My peppers did well last year but this year not good at all. ( just a few sweet pepper plants ) Cukes happy, zucchini not. Waiting on the tomatoes…

    Your big family garden as a child memories are wonderful : )

  18. Great photos of your garden ~ can’t help but wonder when you sleep ~ You are active ~ Happy Weekend ~ carol ^_^

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