Ranch Work, Family, and a Gala

Oh what a week.  I did my best to take one day at a time and I can say I’m still alive. Moving slow, but alive.

We treated J’s Dad to Father’s Day Buffet in small town South Dakota. The establishment traded hands and we had not tired the Sunday buffet since the new owners took over. It was delicious and the place was busy. It’s nice to see a young couple, I would guess them J and I’s age, take over a local business and I hope they succeed.

June 27

Haying Season has kept us busy. J started swathing on Thursday June 16th and we were baling on Friday afternoon. They hay crop is poor, very poor. We think the combination of early warm spring temperatures, late spring freeze, drought and bugs was too much for the plants. J is hoping to get the last field of prairie hay cut today and he oats will probably be ready to swath this week.

I’m not used to having the baler man, J’s Dad, wait on me as he is baling faster than I rake. I might add that I tend to the slow and cautious side of things and some of our fields are rather rough due to mole hills. None-the-less we are putting up a few bales and it has gone pretty good.

June 27

Wednesday I made a trip to North Dakota border town.

Thursday J’s brother and his family arrived at the ranch! They are here and will be so for a week. J’s brother loves to crawl in a tractor or swather and get away from cooperate america. Our Sister-In-Law and nephews are fun to visit with and we always enjoy our time together.

June 27

We were up very early Friday morning. J and his brother went on a parts run. The folks, nephew and I moved cattle. We rotated the replacement heifers and the pairs at home to fresh pastures.

This morning we are moving another group of pairs to fresh grass. Tomorrow the bulls go out with cows.

June 27

Last December J and I decided to attend the South Dakota Prime Time Gala. The Prime Time Gala is a relatively new event in our State. It is a fundraising event for Feeding South Dakota and closely tied in with the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association. This event raised $212,000.00 for purchasing beef protein to be distributed to South Dakotan’s in need.

Our good friends and college peers have been trying to get us to go for the last couple of years and we decided to drop everything and take in the event. We had the opportunity to catch up with friends, business associates and cattlemen. We also met new couples active in our industry.

June 27

This year’s Gala entertainment was Toby Keith. It was an amazing concert!

June 27

Here’s to haying season, family, friends and new adventures. It was quite the week and this morning we hit the ground running.

How is the hay looking in your area? Did you do anything fun last weekend?

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11 Responses to Ranch Work, Family, and a Gala

  1. Buttons says:

    Wow, no wonder you are moving slower:) I tend to do jobs with machinery slower too if it breaks I could not fix it. The baler person has to slow down when you rake slower but that is not a bad thing.
    Sorry about your hay crop we are lucky ours is not bad. It is raining here today so haying will continue on the weekend. Things are different here as I have hurt my back and was advised (warned) not to do any tractor work or for that matter, not much farm work at all. This leaves a lot for My Hero to do, but we are half done with the help of a wonderful neighbour. It will work out.
    So happy you did get out for a good cause and the concert. Take care be safe. Hug B

  2. Lisa Harrington says:

    Sounds like an awesome week!! So glad you went to the Gala!! I love going to concerts. Awesome pictures. Any plans for the 4th of July?

    • Robyn says:

      I have always enjoyed going to concerts. With Dad being in the Buffalo County Fair Board Mick and I got to take in a lot of concerts. If Toby Keith is in the area, I highly recommend getting tickets. I’ve always liked his music. It’s so fun when the only songs the crowd can’t sing along with are songs he has not released yet. Same story with Alabama.

      Not sure what we are doing for the 4th. We might be heading to the Hills towards the end of the week; depends on the oat crop.

  3. Kim says:

    That first photo would make an amazing canvas. Beautiful!

    I’m glad you could get away to catch up with friends and to listen to a great concert.

    I have a weird question: Do you treat your kittens’ eyes with anything? Our kittens that are about that size have matted eyes. The resident “cat doctor” is busy on the combine right now. I’ll bet your nephews love playing with them.

    Have a good week, Robyn! Thanks for the birthday card. We’ll be cutting wheat today. This farm girl is used to it. Randy is getting me tickets to “Wicked,” which is coming back to Wichita this fall. I LOVE that show.

    • Robyn says:

      Hey Kim,

      Glad you enjoyed today’s post. I took the first photo while J and I were fencing the end of May. The stormy sky was just that, but I thought it would make for a neat picture.

      J is such a social butterfly. We both had fun seeing a lot of friends from college. Yesterday we took the opportunity to stop at the feedlot that frequently finishes our steers. It was great to visit with the feeder and look at our cattle at fats.

      On the kittens: I have two litters Sweet Pea (the tame kittens I share pictures of) and the Wild Gray Mama. Both litters are co-mingling in the horse barn. Due to the fact that Sweet Pea’s kittens are tame I got distemper shots for them. The wild kittens have been going through matted eyes and crusty noses. They are on their own and have started to get over it. After the distemper shot one of my tame kittens had a matted eye, I wiped it’s eyes and nose clean on Friday. This morning it looks better. Not sure if that will help you or not.

      Enjoy “Wicked,” happy birthday and good luck with wheat harvest. Yea that you are back in the field!

      • Kim says:

        Thanks, Robyn, for the kitten tips. “Wicked” is a long time away, but I will enjoy it when it gets here!

  4. Jan Lovitt says:

    Our hay in this part of the country is awesome. We had a lot of rain this spring and the pastures are belly high with grass. The cattle are enjoying it.
    We have here in NE a large gala 2 day affair called the Cattleman`s Ball where money is raised for cancer. We’ve never gone but they say it is wonderful, large attendance and raise a large amount of money for cancer research.
    living in the middle area of NE

    • Robyn says:


      I recognized your last name and googled you. I was thinking about the Lovitt Family at Bladen, NE. You are a Lovitt from Mason City? My Dick and Patti from Hazard are my parents!

      J and I were home the first of June and things looked amazing. I hope you get a shot of rain as it sounds like the summer Nebraska heat is drying you out. We are very, very dry. We got a nice shower (.16″) last night. Every little bit helps.

  5. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hello Robyn,
    I got really tickled and you gave me a big laugh when you wrote: “Tomorrow the bulls go out with cows.” I had a mental image of the bulls and cows going to prom. Maybe it’s just the heat in our valley. Actually, not too bad today; we got to 104 but the big numbers are yet to arrive. South of us in Kern County there are wildfires. Our air quality is really bad today, do after running errands this morning, I am staying inside. Our little granddaughter got her first bee sting the other day.. she is four and I think you probably heard her crying all the way to your house! Loved the kitten photo…..so very sweet. The picture of you and your husband was wonderful and I was happy to get to see it. Take care and God Bless.

  6. Mr Bill says:

    Impressive concert pictures. Toby Keith is amazing. Thanks for the post.

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks, Mr. Bill! It was an awesome concert. Toby Keith’s patriotism is inspiring. I love how he shows it through his songs and music videos.

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