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Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House is hosting a Hen House Blog Hop.  Being a chicken enthusiast I am joining in the fun!

My Husband’s family has always kept a few chickens for fresh eggs.  When J and I got married we took over the chicken tending.  We currently have 20 hens and we are getting about a dozen eggs a day.  I sell the extra eggs to ladies in town.

We have had several breeds of chickens over the years.  My pullets are Silver Sex Links and started laying September 18th.  I also have Black and White Orpington hens.  Golden Sex Linked layers have also been in my coop.  Due to our long cold winters we need hardy hens and have been happy with all of these breeds.

When we were first married we had a rooster, “Bucky.”  Old age got the best of him and he has not been replaced.

Our old hen house is made of cinder blocks.  Before the snow flies J goes through and winterizes it.  The coop stays pretty cozy for the hens.

The hens lay in wooden nests that J built.  There are 4 bedded stalls for them to sit in.  A few years ago J’s Mom found some metal nests at a farm auction sale.  J and B took out the old wooden nests and hung up the metal ones.  The hens did not care for them as we found more eggs on the ground than in the nests.

We feed our girls leftover barley or wheat seed.  They also get commercial layer feed and oyster shell.  One reason I love having chickens around is to eat up all the table scraps.  I also toss all my fruit and vegetable peelings to them.  The hens roam the ranch yard in the afternoon and get there fill of bugs too!

No need for a garbage disposal.

Nothing is better than a farm fresh egg!  I love having them to bake with.  We frequently eat breakfast for dinner.  Breakfast Casserole is one of our favorite meals.  Make sure to check out my Recipe Box for many delicious baked goods!

Farm Fresh Eggs

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10 Responses to Ranch Hens

  1. melissa says:

    What a lovely flock you have. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing them with followers of Tilly’s Nest. I especially loved the picture of your roo!

  2. There is nothing like farm fresh eggs! We don’t have hens, yet, but my sister does and she keeps us stocked with eggs….love them!

  3. Debbie says:

    Howdy ranch wife! So glad you stopped by with your girls in tow! Lovely post.. You certainly have a nice variety of girls! I didn’t know Orpingtons came in black and white too! We had two gold ones from our first flock and I adored them! Your Bucky looks like a charactor! Our two certainly were! That’s why their in the freezer! Ha!
    Happy Hen Keeping and thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies! The black chicken picture you like is actually a hen laying in a nest. We have not had a rooster for several years. I enjoyed looking around at your blog hops.

  5. Candy C. says:

    Great post Robyn! Your chickens are lovely and look VERY happy! I especially like the second photo of the black and white chickens! I agree about farm fresh eggs, I’ll never buy “factory” eggs from the store again. I never did get around to putting together a Hen House post. 🙁

  6. Lynn says:

    I love chickens, when I was a child, we always had laying hens………loved them.
    After we were married, a friend gave us a trio of fighting chickens, loved them also……….smaller than the usual breeds, and yes we did fight the roosters around the area and once going as far as Kansas…..miss those days!

  7. I love taking pictures of the eggs our chickens give us; such a satisfaction in it! stopping by from Deborah Jean’s hop. If you want to meet our flock, swing by brighton Park! I love making new chick friends! (p.s. my fave pic was the one with the chickens and the watermelon 🙂

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