Rain Delay

It’s Friday!  I hope you had a wonderful week and something fun or relaxing planned for the weekend.

I don’t have any great or exciting news to share.  We keep trying to get the summer work done.  In the last 2 weeks we have had close to 3 inches of rain.  Last night we had a front come through and drop another .40″.  We have been enjoying cooler temperatures this week with highs in the low 80’s.  Tuesday my car said 77* on the way hope from work.

We feel lucky to be receiving adequate moisture and dodging damaging storms.  The grass is green, dams are full, and the cattle look good.  I am still mowing the yard regularly.  Normally by mid July the yard is brown.  I spiffed up the yard and did some extra mowing on Tuesday; it took me over 2 1/2 hours.

On the other hand; we are still haying.  All this moisture continues to make haying a challenge.  J finished up swathing grain hay and hay corals yesterday.  With last night’s rain baling is delayed … again.  I see a few neighbors getting a second cutting of alfalfa.

Spring wheat is turning and neighbors are harvesting winter wheat.  Once more, a slow process with the abundant moisture.

The grasshoppers have moved in.  Big ones, little ones, and lots of them.  We haven’t noticed any major damage to the crops.  They sure make a mess of my car.  Crickets are a plenty too.

Wild Sunflower along the driveway.

Next on J’s radar is going over the summer fallow and start hauling hay.  Yesterday, J told me he read on a weather website that we could be in for a long hard winter.  I am NOT ready for snow!

With haying our “normal routine” becomes disrupted, because of the long days J puts in the field.  I am okay with that; it’s part of ranch life.  I feel like I have not made a nice meal in forever.  I normally get up earlier than J and don’t like to hit him with questions until I think the sleep is out of his eye.  After J gets his cup of coffee I ask him “What are your intentions today?  Do you think I can make supper tonight?”   I have been able to cook a little on the weekends and when it is too wet for J to work late.  I am excited to get back to cooking meals regularly again!

How is the moisture in your area?  What is keeping you busy on the ranch?


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  1. Michelle says:

    Come on over! I know the man in my house would love cooked meals! 🙂 I actually have cooked more because of all the moisture than normal! I didn’t like to read Jim’s news…I thought maybe since we had all the rain this summer, it would equal no snow! 🙁 Some is OK, but not a hard one. Ranch life is never boring. There is always something to worry about/ enjoy!

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