Purple Iris

June 15

June 15


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9 Responses to Purple Iris

  1. Buttons says:

    Robyn this is beautiful. B

  2. I love those small iris’…they are just beautiful and I love the added quote!!

  3. She Dreams says:

    Gorgeous iris and fantastic quotes!
    Love how you rearrange them..

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful flower

  5. Carletta says:

    I really like the first one. Looks like they are growing quite well, so lush too.

    • Robyn says:

      Carletta and Candy,
      The Dallas County Fairgrounds, where the ISIA Sheep and Wool Festival was held, had a beautiful array of flowers. I took full advantage of capturing all the different types and colors of flowers.

  6. Pat says:

    Excellent captures of these beautiful irises.

  7. Your Irises are so beautiful! My dad always raised these deep blue ones too… Thanks for sharing on WTS…

  8. Linda R says:

    WOW! What gorgeous photos. We don’t see them to much out here in the desert. But when we do its a real treat…


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