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Due to a lack of picture taking, I went looking for shots in my collection. Most of these pictures are from the Bakery at Magnolia Market in Waco, TX.

The past week wasn’t too exciting around here. Monday morning J and I started the windbreak project. We took out the last wooden windbreak we have around a waterer. Later J came in and cleaned out manure. We are ready to set posts and put up super steel windbreak.

After dinner J had a dentist appointment in North Dakota border town; I rode along to get groceries.

Tuesday and Wednesday J ran errands. He spent Tuesday in the Hills getting supplies for the fall projects he wants to work on when Uncle Doug comes. Wednesday he got panels for the “round corral” replacement task and took the pickup to be worked on in the afternoon.

I continued to peck away at my window craft projects. I also got some odd jobs done outside. With a couple of nights dipping into the mid 30’s I thought I better drain hoses and put them away for winter.

Thursday morning we moved the oldest bunch of pairs. It was an easy job as J opened the gate a couple days ahead of time and the cattle found their own way to better grazing. J moved salt and mineral boxes while I checked cattle at home.

J and I put in a big day of work on Friday. We made progress on the round corral project. The “round corral” is the horse breaking corral that J’s Grandpa used. It’s also the last of the wood corrals.  J had 3/4 of the pen tore out; we took out the last side and hauled the old wood to the dump. We got two sides back up with continuous panels and new posts set. The area we are working in is an electricity hub. We have a breaker box and yard light in the coral that feeds several outlets. In addition to the fence, we got a new yard light pole set the electrical stuff tidied up.

Saturday was cool and rainy all day. J checked cattle in between showers and I cleaned house. I dumped .41″ out of the rain gauge Sunday morning! J came down with a head cold and took it easy the rest of the weekend.

Sunday I got my two current window crafts done and I’m ready for a break. It’s a good thing as Uncle Doug is going to be here later today and J has outside projects planned. Remember we only started the windbreak project. J and I are going to work on the “round corral” today.

I made the recipe pictured above last summer. It’s a keeper!

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer. ~Helen Hunt Jackson

What type of September projects are you working on?

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  1. Pamela Galindo says:

    I’m sorry to say that our week of pleasant low-80’s has taken a jump back to mid-90’s, so summer is not gone; it’s alive and well in central California…and yet, how can I complain when it could be worse…it could still be triple digits. I hope it doesn’t get too hot, as I am planning a yard sale on Oct. 07. Things are still very brown and dry in our valley and the mosquitoes have been vicious!!! I like hearing about your projects such as your window crafts; I am hoping to bring new colors into my bedroom, but haven’t got a game plan yet.

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