Preg Checking Cows

Last week we pregnancy checked cows.  We had the veterinarian (a/k/a  Doc) come out and ultrasound.  With the drought we thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of open and problem cows.  We normally don’t preg check cows, but we do ultrasound the first calf heifers

Monday afternoon we gathered cows and sorted off the old and problem cows.  Each year at calving J starts a “To Sell” list and writes down the cow number and her offense.

Tuesday morning J and I got up early to feed calves.  We had all hands on deck and a few helpers when the Vet and her assistant showed up.

1 – We set the Vet’s hydraulic chute in front of ours.

2 – J’s Dad likes to work in the back.  He brings cattle up to the alley way. 

3 – J’s Uncle and I were in charge of making sure the cows moved up the alley.  Neighbor B kept a cow “on deck” so the Vet never had to wait for the next bovine.

4 – Doc ultrasounding a cow.  We averaged around 100 cows an hour.

5 – While the cows were in the chute the pregnant ones got vaccinated by J and poured by the Vet’s assistant.  The cows are vaccinated with a yearly fall shot.  The pour-on is used to treat and prevent a broad spectrum of parasites, such as worms and lice.   J’s Mom kept the official count and sorted the open cows into a holding pen.

6 – If Doc had a question or concern about the ultrasound reading she preg checked the old fashion way.

7 – We  zipped right through the cows.  It takes a good crew from back to front to keep the cattle moving.  The cows went through the chute awesome.  We had very few stubborn girls.   

8 – All done and ready to head back to winter pasture

I made dinner!  Beef, baked potatoes, jello fruit salad, lettuce salad, veggie tray, buttermilk dinner rolls and a pumpkin roll

We had beautiful weather for doing cattle work.  It was a good day of satisfying work with great help.

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6 Responses to Preg Checking Cows

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like you had a successful day! We moved cattle this afternoon from one field of volunteer wheat to another. It was a beautiful day to be on a 4-wheeler!

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh that is a lot of work you have many more cows than we do now. We are selling eight more this weekend. That will give us 26 bred cows here on our farm and 3 yearlings and our Bull who we are boarding at the brother in laws. This is the lowest amount we have ever had. We can only feed two bales a day with that many. If we get low in hay we will be selling more. What a year. We have to decide which ones to sell this weekend we have already gotten rid of problem and non breeders so it is getting very difficult. I do not write about the farm much these days you have noticed?:( Calving season will start in a month.
    I am so happy you have so much good help and support Robyn. HUGS B

  3. Candy C. says:

    That was quite a day’s work, whew! I’m glad “the girls” didn’t give you any problems. I’m guessing you guys eat your own beef?

  4. Oh my goodness does this ever take a lot of work! A good crew is a must!!! We finished preg checking the boss’s cows the end of last week. I really wanted to stick around and help – dang that 9-5 job! 🙂

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