Post Office Closings

At our Club meeting last Saturday one of the Ladies shared an article from the Wall Street Journal about Post Offices closing.  The article talked about the closing of our Prairie City Post Office and and a few neighbors were quoted.  I know this has been a topic of discussion for a little while, but I an going to revisit the issue.  

Almost a year ago, Mike Adams, the host of Agri-Talk, was discussing the possibility of the United States Postal Service delivering mail 5 days a week v. the current 6 days. I e-mailed the following letter to Mr. Adams on Tuesday April 20, 2010 and he read it on the air!

Hi Mike

As I was driving home from work yesterday, and listening to Agritalk on KBHB Ranch Radio, I thought I would respond to the mail delivery issue you have been talking about.

My husband and I ranch with his folks in northwest South Dakota. We live in Perkins County and our address is Prairie City.

Last December (2009) we lost our Prairie City (17 miles from our ranch) post office. Now, all our mail comes out of Bison (27 miles away). The loss of our post office came as a total surprise and a great loss. The post office is basically our only way to send packages. We get delivery via UPS, Fed-Ex ect., but in the 6 years I have lived here have not been able to send a package UPS. Unless I got to a bigger city to do so, ie Sturgis or Rapid City, (125 miles south of here).

Also, we only get mail delivery to our personal mail box at the end of the driveway 3 days a week … Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That is if the weather is good. In the winter the mail delivery person has to make an attempt to deliver the mail on bad weather days. It is not uncommon for us to go a week without mail delivery.

I just thought you would be interested in learning that in the remote northwest corner of South Dakota we would LOVE to have the option of 5 day a week mail delivery!

Has your local rural Post Office closed?

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  1. Patti Wilson says:

    Hazard, Nebraska 68866 closed about 5 years ago.

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