Plum Thickets

I have several of these plum thicket pictures that I thought were too nice not to share.

These thickets are in a tree belt over a hill to the northwest of our house.  I have been watching them and snapping a few shots during Saturday morning chores.

I had a good visit with my Mom last Sunday night.  A great way to start the week!

I am pretty good at swerving around pheasants that are along the roadside or highway.  Sometimes one can not swerve and the pheasant does not move.  Then the plastic grill on the plastic car bumper looks bad and the Husband is not happy.  In addition, he wasn’t impressed with my dramatic description of the event.

Molly found something to roll in.  I don’t know what it is, but she comes back to the house very dirty.  Monday evening she got a bath.  Now, how to keep her from rolling in whatever it is again?

Monday and Tuesday we saw highs in the upper 80’s.  We have a good chance for rain over the weekend!

How is your week going?

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6 Responses to Plum Thickets

  1. deb says:

    Funny! I thought I read Plum Tickets and really wondered what that was about…even read your post thinking plum tickets. I was going to sign up for some if you had some good plum spots for picking!! I need to clean my glasses…. but you know ….that just might be quite the idea. Letting people pay you a couple bucks to pick plums. I like my wild plums and some years are pretty scarce to find around these parts. I LOVE Wild Plum Jelly!
    Now …wheres my ticket!!?

  2. Candy C. says:

    Beautiful blossoms! Your week sounds eventful already! I hope you guys get some rain. We have a system passing by to the north tomorrow but all we are supposed to get is the stinkin’ wind! 🙁

    • Robyn says:


      The wind hit this evening. We have up to 70% chance for rain Friday and Saturday. Maybe up to an inch.

      J and I went on a road trip Wednesday afternoon and got home Thursday evening. Once we got to the middle part of the State and east things were green and the crops, flowers and trees are all ahead of us. We just plan look dry.

  3. LindaG says:

    You’re lucky to have wild plums nearby.
    Hubbys are annoying like that some days.
    Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful blossoms with us! :o)

    • Robyn says:

      The funny thing about the wild plum thickets is I spent most of my childhood helping Dad and Mom cut them out of the road ditches. Growing up they were always considered a noxious weed.

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