Pink and Purple Flowers

When Sister and I visited the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City I took a lot of pictures. I’m sure that surprises all of my followers! I will be sharing pictures from our trip on several future blog posts. Today, I have pink and purple flowers.

It feels like J and I have been keeping a crazy schedule or lack there of. Going back to Sunday June 18th, J started swathing hay. Due to the drought our hay crop is very poor, but we decided to give haying a go and see what we can scrape together.

Monday J continued to swath hay while Uncle Doug and I checked cattle and gathered water samples. In the afternoon, Doug sprayed weeds and I worked in the calving barn. I took my loyal pitchfork cleaned out pens and scraped straw away from the side walls. The barn is ready for J to clean with the bobcat.

Jim kept the swather running while Doug finished spraying weeds on Tuesday morning. I kept my dental appointment and got my new crown.

The first field J swathed was taking a while to dry, so Wednesday morning he sent me up to rake. We thought rolling the hay would help dry it faster. We checked it every two hours until after supper. It was ready to bale Thursday morning.

Thursday morning Uncle Doug had to return home and we were sad to see him go. J and I enjoy his company and appreciate all the great help. I was glad he could be here to help J when I was on my trip.

After J got the first field baled up we moved to the next set of fields. We raked and baled the rest of the Thursday. We are averaging half a round bale to the acre or a little less. It feels like the hours we are putting in are not compatible with the number of  bales we are making.

J and I headed out to hay bright and early Friday morning. The weather man was talking wind and we wanted to get as much baling done as we could. J and I got a couple of hours in before we quit. Between the hay blowing out of the rake and our fear of starting a fire, we thought it better to head in than keep haying. J serviced the swather and I got caught up on skirt work.

Saturday was another early morning. When I started raking, I looked at the clock and it was five minutes to six. We got the field we wanted to get done baled and moved to the next field.

We quit haying, cleaned up and headed to the Hills. I know you’re thinking, what? I was too, but it’s not everyday you have family friends/good neighbors celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary. J and I had a fun afternoon visiting with our neighbors. You know the people who live within fifteen miles of us. The people we wave at on the road and both parties are usually too busy to stop and chat because we are on a mission.

We also stopped in Motorcycle city as J’s brother and his family are visiting from Illinois. We had supper with them and J’s folks before heading back north.

If you want to know a little more about our neighbors I mentioned Ruby as a mentor in my recent Agweek interview.

Since we took most of Saturday off, J and I thought we better do some haying on Sunday. I climbed in the tractor and started raking at 5:30 am. We got the field on the east side of the driveway baled and I moved to the west side of the driveway. I looked east and saw J headed in my direction but not driving the tractor with baler. My “oh no” gut feeling was accurate. J told me one of the baler belts looped around a shaft. He assured me that he has had this happen once before and it is not fun. Our Sunday luck turned good as we got the belt dislodged in less than an hour and made it to Church on time. We ate an early dinner and I started raking as J got the baler back to working order.

We are currently caught up on haying; all the hay J swathed is rolled up. Tomorrow he is going to check fields to see if we have anything more worth haying.

This week we have a little cattle work to do. Today we are pulling bulls out of the replacement heifers and fly tagging the heifers. Later in the week we will be turning bulls out with the cows. Also this week J’s folks, along with his brother and family, are coming out to visit. 

How are things going at your outfit? Are you getting moisture and a good hay crop? Are you harvesting winter wheat or irrigating crops?

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