Pink and Purple Flowers

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I took pictures in the Menard’s garden center and shared the yellow blooms. Today I’m bringing you pink and purple flowers.

May 16

Pretty flowers is just what I need after last week. It was a week full of cattle work and fencing. Early mornings and simple meals. Head colds, tiredness and frustration were experienced last week too.

J came down with the head cold first and not-so-kindly shared it with me. Either I got it a little worse than he did or I didn’t handle it as well as J did. My money is on the latter as, the cold seemed to wreak havoc on my attitude all week. Lots of congestion, coughing spells and restless nights were all part of the game.

May 16

Monday J and I spent the majority of the day fencing around summer grass. It was a perfect day to fence, sunny, nice temps and a light breeze. When we got home J went around another pasture while I took a 4-wheeler ride to check cattle.

The non-windy day of the week was Tuesday. J declared war on dandelions and spent the morning spraying the yards. I caught up on house work. J went to Cousin T’s mid afternoon and I cleaned the horse barn. The old horse barn is now the “cat house” and they had made a mess. After an hour of raking and shoveling, the barn had a fresh look. I had good help with Sweet Pea and her five babies under foot. When I got done with that J still wasn’t home, so I cleaned the chicken coop. That evening I crossed two projects off my spring to-do list!

May 16

Up early and moving cattle is how we spent the first half of Wednesday. We did a lot of cattle shuffling and a little sorting.

Late morning the metal crusher showed up! Yes, the same metal crusher that came to take a look at our stuff the end of February. They cleaned up metal Wednesday afternoon – Saturday.

Thursday morning we started moving pairs to summer grass and got two pasture groups out. The last group of cattle went to grass on Friday. Cousin T and Roy helped us trail pairs south. Again, a gorgeous morning to be out moving cattle. It was 52* at 4:45 am with a gentle south breeze for the cows to walk into.

May 16

We are still calving; Friday we got three babies! I think we have around 10 that we are waiting on. I sorted off the oldest 10 pair Thursday morning and we got them branded Saturday. This week we will brand the next 10 pair. We had another run of calves on Sunday, 3 new babies.

It’s a great feeling to have the majority of calving season and calf working completed and pairs to summer grass. A full night of rest and sleeping in Saturday morning were greatly appreciated by both J and I.

May 16

I got started on Consider Birds! Jodi did a class preview called Feed the Birds. Typewriter Prayer Block Art was the art project she walked us through. My Prayer reads:

Dear Lord

Open the eyes of my heart.

Help me see gratitude,

Help me feel Your strength.

You guard my heart with Your peace.

God, You are Love,

Help me be confident in Your love for me and have awareness of my value to You.

You are my rock and refuge.

I am choosing to believe in Your glory.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


May 23

How are you coming along on your spring ranch work and farming? 

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5 Responses to Pink and Purple Flowers

  1. Buttons says:

    Wow, I am exhausted just reading what you have done. The colours of your flowers are very pretty. Hope you are telling better. Love prayer bird block. Enjoy you week and slow down a bit OK hugs B

  2. Kim says:

    You got an awful lot done if you didn’t feel well! Hope this week is better in the health department.

  3. Alica says:

    Ugh…no fun to be sick ever…but especially not when there’s so much to do! It sounds like your spring is every bit as busy as ours! Lovely flowers are a great pick-me-up! 🙂

  4. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hello! Sorry to hear you’ve been ill…..things seem to catch up with us just when we have so much to do. Hope you are on the mend, and J, too. I truly enjoyed the beautiful flowers and I’m going to look at them again and again. They made me think of my Mom who always grew such lovely flowers. She would love seeing these. Your prayer is so inspiring and encouraging. I have a love of birds and many pictures of birds that I haven’t really known what to use them for, but maybe I’ll try a project of my own. Our weather has been so nice in the 80’s but I see that we are once again, headed to the 90’s. Our foothills are brown now….we don’t have green for very long. I think of you when I see cattle grazing in the foothills. Take care and keep writing. Love, Pam in central California

  5. CountryMum says:

    Sorry to read that you have not been well…. but you were still so busy for the week!!

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