Pictures from Nebraska

Good Morning to you! Today I’m sharing pictures from the trip J and I took to Nebraska. Mom and I went on two photo adventures; we had our best luck during the evening “golden hour.”

June 13

Last week was another week of many ranch tasks around the yard. I spent Monday morning baking and doing house stuff, while J started preparing equipment for haying season. My brain is not mechanical and I have very little experience “turning wrenches,” so I leave that up to J. Power washing and tractor window washing are more my thing. I’m also an expert shop vac operator. Tuesday J checked cows and we continued to work on hay equipment.

June 13

Last Monday I sent Dad a text. *Brag Alert* We are done calving and eating garden lettuce for dinner today. I didn’t get any response back. So, I ‘ll tell you, we are officially done calving! We’ve been eating and sharing lettuce out of the garden all week.

June 13

I squeezed in Consider Birds Lesson 4 and 5 projects. Lesson 4 was a typewriter prayer and Lesson 5 was a collage about Living Well. My goal is to have Consider Birds completed before haying starts. Lesson 6 here I come!

June 13

J and I started Thursday with branding the last 10 babies! It’s a great feeling to be finished with calving and have ALL our cattle out to grass.

J spent the rest of the day working on the Swather. I checked cows at home, sprayed weeds and did a few other odd ball tasks. There seems to always be little odd jobs to do around the ranch, always.

June 13

Friday and Saturday my focus was South Dakota Women in Ag. We had our mid year face-to-face meeting to finalize 2016 conference details and start brainstorming for 2017.

Jody Heemstra, South Dakota Department of Ag Public Affairs Manager, visited with us about the five divisions under the Department of Ag umbrella and what is currently going on in her office.

Saturday morning South Dakota Miss United States Agriculture came to talk to us. She is the daughter of our Vice Chairman. Miss United States Agriculture is a pageant that started out as a local food drive in Alabama. The thoughts behind the pageant is to promote and celebrate agriculture through young women who have the potential to become leaders in the industry. The girls also earn scholarship money.

June 13

Living the Legacy You Want to Leave is this year’s theme. The event will be held October 6-7, 2016 at the K Bar S Lodge, Keystone, SD.

Conference will kick off with an optional lunch and ride on the 1880’s Train at noon on Thursday October 6. Denny Everson, South Dakota Rural Ag Leadership Alumni, will be presenting “Leadership is for Everyone.”

The creative learning activities are going to be Sip~N~Paint (back by popular demand after last year), making greeting cards and sewing an i-pad sized bag to carry devices in. For the “pay it forward” project we are going to assemble bags containing toiletries to be distribute to shelters.

June 13

Friday Jenny Dewey will be our Keynote Speaker. We will also have a Veterinarian and Human Health Practitioner lined up to speak. In the afternoon the above mentioned speakers will sit on a discussion panel focusing on antibiotic use in humans and livestock.
New this year will be a South Dakota Ag Woman of the Year and South Dakota Young Gun Awards.

Please stop by our website and Facebook page for announcements and updates.

June 13

We had a great meeting and discussions. I feel blessed to be part of this group of passionate and enthusiastic women. We have a united goal to make a positive impact on South Dakota Agriculture, educate women and promote youth in our industry. One of our goals is to become more present in our industry community and rural areas.

June 13

While I attended my meeting, J went fishing. He met three uncles and two cousins in Pierre. I’m excited to grill up some fresh Missouri River fish.

Below is a picture of Dad and Jim looking at grass varieties in Dad’s prairie hay field.

June 13

This morning we are headed over to Cousin T’s to work his youngest set of calves. This brings branding season to an end. The next major project is putting up hay.

Are you haying? What type of projects are you working on at your ranch or farm?

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8 Responses to Pictures from Nebraska

  1. Buttons says:

    Hay oh yes;) hug B love the message to Dad.

    • Robyn says:

      Miss B,
      I talked to Dad yesterday and asked if he got my text. He said yes and he had a super busy week and didn’t reply. He’s not a texter, but will call to tease me. As always he told me “No one likes a bragger, Rob!”

  2. Kim says:

    Sounds like you are busy. Yes, last week was filled with hay making. The guys got it all swathed, raked and baled without a rain on it – amazing! We will probably start cutting wheat this week, but we got a rain shower this AM. We’ll see what the weather does. Ready or not, here it comes!

  3. Darcy says:

    Congratulations on everything calved, branded and turned out!!!! What a great feeling that must be. 🙂 Your pictures are beautiful – I especially like the one of the barn. Happy Monday!

    • Robyn says:


      The “barn” is actually a little shack of some kind. I’m not sure what it was used for. I do know it is full of old doors and windows. My creative crafty side had problems leaving so much potential in the shack. But, I left it sit as I seem to have lots of material to do projects with and haven’t made time to start them.

      It was fun to photograph the shack in evening light.

  4. Congrats on the completion of the branding of the calves, I am sure you are glad that job is complete. Sounds like you had a busy time planning at the So. Dakota Women in Agriculture. Love the images, terrific captures.

  5. suz says:

    hi – just curious about the yellowish bloomers in two of your photos. what are they, if you know. and are they native plants and friends or foes in the field? –suz in ohio

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