Phil Robertson Quote

Great quote from Phil Robertson’s book, Happy, Happy, Happy!

“A Note from Alan: Out of the many memorable lines and quotes I have heard from my dad through the years, the one that always seems to stand out the most is “Son, don’t ever tell people how good or great you are at something; let them tell you.” For a man who has achieved his own level of greatness in the eyes of so many, those words were both prophetic and wise. To be the best at anything, one has to have a lot of confidence and a certain amount of ego and drive. But one must also have humility to make a life-changing impact on people. I realize now that that is what Dad was teaching me all those years ago. Of course, to become a legend, one that other people admire and want to emulate, you also have to add faith and dedication to what you love. A good woman doesn’t hurt either.”

November 8

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4 Responses to Phil Robertson Quote

  1. Terryn says:

    I LOVE, and wholeheartedly believe in, this quote! Great book and great post. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Oh how I love that photo! It is the perfect shot.

  3. Cheri says:

    That is an awesome quote….I like the last part! Lol!
    Great picture of the cows.

  4. Cool shot of the cows! I wholeheartedly agree with the very last part of that quote! 🙂

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