I hope all of you had a nice Father’s Day! I had a good visit with my Dad. I enjoy talking to Dad about what J and I are up to and sharing the adventures and mishaps that we have. I also enjoy hearing an update about what Dad and Mom have been up to. I find the similarities and differences in our ranch tasks interesting and appreciate the wisdom and insight they share through general conversation.

June 20

As you well know, I’m always looking for the artistic photographic opportunity. While visiting Tom, when J and I were in Nebraska, I captured a few shots of his peacocks. My other objective was to collect peacock feathers, but Tom said I was a month early.

Dad has big round bales stacked between his place and Tom’s. There were two hen peacocks that thought the bales were a good place to make a nest. While out for a drive, I made J pull up to the bales so I could photograph the hens.

June 20

J has the equipment ready to start haying. He also got the toolbar ready to summer fallow. Now, we need Mother Nature to help us out a little. In the last week, we’ve been blessed with 1.70″ of rain. It came in five rains with increments between .10″ – .45″. The prairie looks fabulous with green grass and yellow clover. At the same time, we would like to get in the hay field before the weevils do any more damage.

We had more rain last night. I haven’t been outside so I can’t report on how much. Around 11:15 pm we had a hard rain and small hail. There were several tornadoes spotted in a our area (30-45 miles north and east of us).  We haven’t heard of any major damage or injury.

June 20

With the cool temperatures J and I got pairs moved to fresh pastures. The cattle didn’t want to leave where they were at, but we wanted to get them to the pastures we like to breed in. We’ll be turning bulls out the end of this week.

Another task we tackled last week was building gates in a hot wire fence. We put the last 4-wheeler ramp and two gates in for convenience. We needed the gates to get haying equipment and yearlings through the hot wire vs. over. I like those simple things that make life a little easier.

June 20

I took advantage of a quite weekend at home to catch up on skirt work. I also did some fun kitchen stuff. I made salsa, barbecue sauce, spaghetti sauce and rhubarb pie (with fresh picked rhubarb). I used the oven canning method to preserve my work. J went to Chamberlain to join his family for a weekend on the river

Photo taken by J with his smartphone while checking cows.

Photo taken by J with his smartphone while checking cows.

J and I have more cattle work to do. We need to fly tag the yearlings as well as the replacement heifers. We’ll have to see what the corrals look like after last nights rain. J’s brother and his family are visiting from Illinois and it sounds like they will be out to the ranch later this week. Few a dull moment on the home front.

Have you started haying or are you harvesting winter wheat?

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4 Responses to Peacocks

  1. Janet Birky says:

    Such great pictures, peacocks, wow, it’s a beautiful day today.Have a great week.Uncle Bill came and shared your message you sent, thanks, you are special!

  2. Kim says:

    I enjoyed the peacock photos. I guess a farm not too far from here used to have peacocks, but that was before my time. Good luck with all your duties!

  3. Buttons says:

    Oh it sounds like the perfect time. I LOVE your peacock shots. My neighbours raise rare peacocks and I can hear them every morning they make me smile. Have a good week. HUG B

  4. Alica says:

    I remember as a little girl, there were peacocks on the farm beside our little country church. They would yell sometimes during church (love that sound!) and one time, one of them marched right in the open door!!
    I’m thinking that was a lot of rain for your area? Hope you can soon get your hay in. We just finished 2nd cutting this morning.

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