Pasture Pretties

Happy Tuesday from the beautiful South Dakota prairie!

Last Thursday and Friday mornings The Rancher and I moved two groups of cows to new pastures. The cattle were happy in their current pastures and didn’t want to move, so it took a while to get the job done.

While we were waiting for the cattle to pair back up J distributed salt/mineral tubs and filled them; I sat with the cattle. Knowing I would have a long wait I brought my camera and took pictures of wild prairie flowers. It’s one of my favorite Ranch Wife perks.

June 24

We’ve had several sunny warm days without rain. It’s just what we need to dry things up and get closer to swathing hay. There are a few neighbors starting to hay, but it’s still wet here and J does not want to mud through the fields. In order for hay to dry properly the field needs to be dry before we can swath.

We will go check fields this morning to see how much they dried yesterday. If it’s too wet to hay J would like to try and summer fallow or fly tag yearlings. It’s time to pull bulls out of the replacement heifers and fly tag them too.

June 24

Saturday we headed back to Motorcycle City for a wedding. The neighbors that ranch to the west of us had a son marry his High School Sweetheart. The majority of our community and Small Town affiliation was in attendance. It was a beautiful wedding and fun reception.

June 24

We stayed with J’s folks in Motorcycle City on Saturday night. When we got in J’s brother and his family had made it their too. They came to visit for the week and will come out to the ranch in a day or two. Sunday we spent the day with family visiting and relaxing.

June 24

Yesterday J made another parts run and had a cow issue he needed to tend to.

I got caught up on book work, sprayed yard weeds and started another project. I wanted to squeeze in one more project before haying and beings it’s a patriotic thing before July 4th would be good too. Kelly at Old Blue Silo made a Pallet Flag with Barn Star. You can visit her blog for the tutorial and I will share a picture of my Flag soon.

June 24

June has been a busy social month and next weekend we have another fun event to attend. It’s been nice to be able to get away for a day or the weekend to do something fun and see family and friends. J and I are both ready to start haying. As I was painting last night it crossed my mind that we are in “the calm before the storm.”

Have you started haying on your ranch?

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6 Responses to Pasture Pretties

  1. Sandra says:

    Always something to do, it seems 🙂
    beautiful shots!In Michigan first cut is done. Hoping for second cut in a couple of weeks.

  2. Cheri says:

    I just love the wild flowers. They make the pastures so pretty.
    Glad you guys are enjoying your ” slow ” time. 🙂
    It makes busy time much more enjoyable.
    I’ll have to check out old blue silo. We have so many pallets here I’d like to do something with them. But, I’m not very crafty. Ha!

  3. Kim says:

    Wildflowers are one of my favorite perks, too! We had rain Sunday night and it looks like it could rain again this afternoon. We’ll see if we can get back to harvesting wheat later today, but it’s questionable. We still have some hay to put down, too.

  4. Roan says:

    The wildflowers are beautiful. It’s been raining here, too. The only hay we have is on the lawn after mowing. It’s even raining too much to keep the grass beat down. I’m not complaining, the garden is loving this rainy weather. Hope you can get the hay out soon.

  5. Love the prairie flowers, Robyn!
    My sister & her husband are gearing up for haying.. they both have a week of vacation from their jobs coming up next week in which they’ll do their haying when the weather cooperates.

  6. I think it’s going to be while for us, because it keeps raining. This past week we had two days with no rain, and that was a record for June it seemed like! The sweet clover is stirrup high!

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