A Big Branding Day

Last Thursday we had our first of two brandings and the bigger of the two. J, J’s Dad and I pecked away at setting up and gathering supplies. J’s Mom and I pecked away at preparing a meal for our cattle working crew. Tuesday afternoon Uncle Doug arrived! The crew was here and headed out to gather cattle at 6 … Continue reading


May Day

Happy May Day! “The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day. When the sun is out and the wind is still, You’re one month on in the middle of May. But if you so much as dare to speak, a cloud come over the sunlit arch, And wind comes off … Continue reading


The Fickleness of April

Oh the lovely fickleness of an April day. ~W.H. Gibson Fickle is defined as an adjective meaning likely to change or causally changeable, irresolution and instability. This seems an appropriate way to think of April and ranching as individuals. The combination of the two can make for an adventure! The past week we have had wind, sun, rain, blue skies with big puffy … Continue reading


The Good, The Busy, The Fun

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter weekend. The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in His goodness and love, which nothing can shake. ~Basil Hume Tuesday morning J’s favorite heifers calved, the last one! After seeing this pretty white face we knew … Continue reading


The Full Swing of Calving Season

This past week we got into the full swing of calving. The cows are keeping us busy with new babies and dealing with calving issues. It was another week of challenges, but J and I feel like things are starting to look brighter. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. ~Napoleon Hill. The weather was nice. Calving is a very … Continue reading