One Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Eight

Saturday December 20th J and I did chores and drove to Pierre. We met up with our good friends the Puffer’s and toured the parade of Christmas trees displayed at our State Capital. Afterwards we went out for a good steak and watched the kids swim.

Sunday morning J headed home and I pointed the station wagon south.

January 6

I arrived at my folks’ house early Sunday afternoon and spent the week with them. December 22, Mom and I went to a University of Nebraska Extension seminar on bull buying at the Hoffman Ranch. While at home I made sure to visit Grandma, Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet as well as neighbor Tom.

Mom, Dad and I went to Aunt Betty and Uncle Leon’s the afternoon of Christmas Day. We had a delicious meal and great visit. It was good to catch up with cousins (three of their five children were home) and meet their little ones.

January 6

The day after Christmas found me back on the road; this time heading east. I made it to Sister’s house in time to eat dinner and help Kolby do afternoon sheep chores. While there I helped with housework, cooking and laundry. Sunday afternoon I went to Des Moines to meet Miles.

This is the status Sister posted on Facebook December 20th: “They say the best things come in little packages. Miles joined us Thursday afternoon, 7 weeks early, 4.7 lb., 18.1 in. We’re going to be in Des Moines in the NICU for a few weeks, and are completely overwhelmed by the support of family and friends. We can’t say THANK YOU enough or get enough of our little blessing. Kolby and I are completely in love.”

Sister is staying at a Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. I stayed with her on Sunday night and was very impressed by the support, generosity and care from those at the House and NICU.

As of yesterday Miles weighs 5 lbs. He has been nursing a bottle for the last few days and is now up to three bottle feedings a day.

January 6

Tuesday I was up early and had my car packed and warming up ready for a 5:30 am departure. After grabbing a cuppa-joe I went to leave only to find Molly staring at me and the car door locked. Lucky for me a good friend of Mick and Kolby’s knows how to enter locked cars. I was on the road much later than I had planned, but that’s life. I had a safe trip and was home to eat supper with J.

My odometer read 1,578 miles; that’s a lot of windshield time! I’m glad I had good roads, a little dog to keep me company and the lady in my phone to help me drive in Des Moines.

January 6

Between unpacking, pecking away at little household tasks, and chores I have adjusted back to life as normal. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to take this trip. The love of family and fun we share with friends, along with the awareness of realizing how blessed I really am is refreshing.

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10 Responses to One Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Eight

  1. Kerrie K says:

    Good luck Miles, you are a beautiful boy. Robyn, I love the Ronald McDonald House. I fortunately have never depended on them but since I am a couponer and get quite a bit of samples and freebies, out of all the charities I have donated to they are my favorite. I used to try and spread my donations around however they seemed to be truly appreciative of receiving my boxes of items.

    • Robyn says:

      It’s amazing what Sister and Miles have received from the Ronald McDonald house and NICU. “Santa” did not forget any children or parents with little ones in the hospital. Not only were Christmas gifts given, but everyday toiletries, baby clothes, toys, and food. Sister has already talked about how she is going to give back to both the House and NICU after this experience. I might just put a box together and send one too.

      • says:

        That makes me so happy to hear. I mean i know i am clear across the country but still its heartwarming to know good comes from it. I boxed up tons of toiletries for men,women and kids. I figured whatever they didn’t have to worry about during these trying times was a help. If you go to their websites they have lists of needs.

  2. Kim says:

    I love the photo of Miles in his little brown hat and, of course, the one where you are giving him a good auntie hug! I’m glad he’s gaining weight and making good progress. My best to all the family!

    • Robyn says:


      Sister said that a gal, who is also a professional photographer, came through the NICU and took the shot of Miles with the reindeer hat. This gal also had a premature baby and this is her way to give back. What a great way to for her to share her talent and provide a good memory for families.

  3. Darcy says:

    Oh goodness – your nephew is precious! I hope he & his mom keep on fighting the good fight and get to come home soon!

    And I’m so glad you had a nice time visiting with family. (And that you got to go to Jason’s! The Hoffman’s are the nicest people….they used to live out West, before they moved to Nebraska. Jason’s grand parents still live in Central Oregon, I think.)

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for the well wishes for Miles and Sister.

      Mom has known the Hoffman’s for a few years. Their daughter married a neighbor to my Grandpa. These neighbors lease Grandpa’s land and are good friends of the family. Mom also interviewed Jason for the December/January issue of CALF News Magazine. You’re right good people raising excellent cattle!

  4. Cheri says:

    Glad you had a nice visit with family and the roads were good!
    Love them little Hereford bulls! 🙂
    And little Miles, what a precious, precious little cowboy. Glad he’s gaining weight and eating like a boy! 🙂
    They are so precious and fragile, yet tough as nails! All my best to him and your family…

    • Robyn says:


      It is always fun for me to go look at good cattle, no matter what breed. Going with Mom is frosting on the chocolate cake. It’s good to get home and visit with family I don’t see very often.

      Miles is precious. Sister sent a picture of him yesterday and he’s getting chubby cheeks! Thank You for the good thoughts.

  5. Buttons says:

    Oh Miles is so precious and I know the worry your sisiter is going through but he is doing fine. Wow that was quite a drive for you. I am so happy you made it both ways safe and sound. Hug B

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