Oh, What a Week

Last week was a busy one and it was a warm one. We took advantage of the spring like temperatures by dong a few jobs outside and opened the house windows. We attended a couple of sales and we each made a trip to town.

J and I kicked off the week with a bull sale. It was fun to get off the ranch for the afternoon, see new country, look at cattle and visit with friends. J went to the sale barn on Monday to watch family and friends sell replacement heifers. I opted to stay home and had a marathon day of baking.

Valentine’s day started with a card exchange, followed by chores. J and I spent the rest of the day cleaning the calving barn. We got the barn cleaned and old straw hauled out. I tackled the tack room and rounded up a few supplies for calving.

J and I pecked away at little things in the barn all week. We let the shed air out and dry a few days before bedding it with straw. We hauled and put up panels and got pens set up. The barn is very close to being ready for caving season.

During chores on Wednesday, J got a phone call from one of the guys he sat with at the sale barn. He called to tell J that he went to the clinic on Tuesday and was diagnosed with influenza a. I spent the rest of the day cleaning house and doing laundry to attempt avoidance of getting sick. I am grateful is was nice out so I could open windows too.

J had an appointment in the Hills Wednesday afternoon. He also made a stop at Wal-Mart. I texted him and advised that he shower and wash his clothes before coming home. I was only half teasing. So far, we have remained healthy!

While at the sale I spotted this beautiful Mini Aussie (Miniature Australian Shepherd), Annie. I had a nice visit with her owner and might be convinced to change my personal breed preferences.

Friday was windy. I made a quick trip to small town and J  worked in the shop and calving barn.

J and I accomplished many tasks on Saturday. After chores we transferred corn; hopefully for the last time! After dinner we moved panels. Last fall we set up free-standing panels to make an extra pen. The snow was soft enough for us to dig them out and we thought we better move the panels before it turns cold again.  We also went around some fence. Between the snow and yearlings we had several weak spots to fix. Those curious yearlings like to rub and look for places to stick their heads through making fences and gates loose.

Heart of the Farm Planner likes to see pictures of their planner in use. This week I shared this on Facebook: I’d be lost without my Heart of the Farm Planner! I use it to keep track of what I need to do (blue ink) and what we did each day (black ink). I like printing off positive quotes and food for thought pieces that I come across. I’ve been taping them in the “Notes” section of my planner. This is a good way to keep track of inspiring words. I can’t help but think that it will be fun to look back over my planner in years to come and see what touched my heart in 2017.

This week J and I are sorting and picking replacement heifers and keeping a close eye on the first calf heifers. Sounds like Wednesday night or Thursday we are in for a weather change. There’s a chance for a little snow and cooler temperatures. We won’t complain as temperatures in the 30’s are still pretty nice for February in South Dakota.

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  1. You are a very busy ranch wife. We have a few heifers this year that could start calving as early as next week due to the fact that the new bulls we bought last year supposedly throw calves two weeks early. We’ll see how true this is and I’ll post. We have 25 weanlings that also hold some possible heifers. We’ll pick and choose when we decide to sell them (waiting on the prices to go back up a little). Our major project this spring is rebuilding our holding pens and enlarging to suit cow/calf pairs all at once. The pen is probably 50 years old and in bad need of repair so we tore it down and now rebuilding. We had a heavy frost this morning, no wind and temps to be in the sixty’s. Going to take advantage of this beautiful weather and get as much done as possible because we “know” old man winter is messing with us!! Have a great week!

  2. Janet wilson says:

    You have been busy, like your planner. I have a small one I keep in my purse. We have 4 graduations, 3 college and 1 high school, 2 8th grade, 2 confirmations, a new great grand baby, and 4 weddings, a busy year. We are having great weather! Love

  3. GINGER HANTEN says:

    Your husband must be proud of the fact that he married a lady that works by his side. That is essential when operating a farm/ranch – I speak from experience. Love reading your posts Robyn. The note-cards you sent to me are so special I don’t want to use them. I will though.

    • Robyn says:

      I am speechless, Miss Ginger! Thank You. Since I’ve been home full time, I’ve learned there is an unsaid commonality between Ranch and Farm Wives. I find it refreshing that I never have to think “am I the only one.”

      Please use the note cards! When you run out, I’ll send you more.

  4. Buttons says:

    Busy busy busy yes it is that time of year. We will be calving soon so prepping now. I am happy the influenza did not roost in your house. It did in ours and makes for difficult chore doing;). Take care and good luck with calving. Hug B

  5. Kim's County Line says:

    I’m glad you got a reprieve from the really cold temperatures. We are in the 70s much of this week, which is too warm for February. I’m afraid of what it will happen to the wheat when temperatures return more to normal. But, that’s one area where it doesn’t pay to worry. I can’t do a thing about the weather!

    I guess I use my blog as a “diary” of sorts. I don’t use a planner. I use a regular calendar. Yours looks very comprehensive and a better method than mine – where I end up with too many piles of “treasures” to keep.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Wow! You were super busy. It sure feels good to get a lot done. Even if it is a bunch of small projects. Glad you have avoided getting sick. My poor husband has been sick for over a month. Stay healthy.

    • Robyn says:

      I hope your Husband recovers and is back to healthy soon.
      I am a tackle things in small increments type of person and I like checking things off my list. I get that personality trait from my Mom.

  7. Bonnie says:

    P.S. I love the organizer.

  8. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hi Robyn….you are such a good writer….I love how you explain with exciting details about daily ranch life. Here in central California, we still have off and on rain with more storms coming our way. Luckily, I am not in a flood zone; but outlying communities, especially those on the way to Yosemite are flooded, and roads damaged and closed from too much rain and the collapse of trees. Many families have been evacuated and have no idea when they can return to their homes, or if their homes will still be there. I feel guilty for praying for rain to ease our drought…. and if our temps rise, the Sierra-Nevada snow will melt causing further problems. I’m now praying for the safety of anyone affected by the floods. North of our valley, there is a large man-made dirt dam that is in danger of breaking. I don’t think California has seen this much rain since the late ’90’s. Keep our state in your prayers, please.

    • Robyn says:

      We have been seeing the National News coverage about the flooding. I can understand your pull two ways, but am glad you are safe from flood dangers. It seems like there is no middle ground with the weather, it’s either extreme dry or wet, hot or cold.

      We sorted cattle yesterday and it was close to 70*. Today 34*, blustery and chances for snow tonight.

      Yes, will keep California in prayer.

  9. Alica says:

    I’m glad you’ve stayed healthy! Lots of really nasty sickness going around here, too, but thankfully we’ve only had yucky head colds. Sometimes I wonder if it’s due to working outside so much in the fresh air.
    We’ve also been having unseasonably warm temps this winter. It’s crazy. I sure hope we don’t pay for it this summer with unseasonably hot/humid weather!
    Annie looks like she wants to go home with you!! 🙂

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