Oh, The Fun We Have

I am not sure how to describe the weekend J and I had.  Our plans for a road trip got canceled because our destination point was experiencing wintry weather.  Sunday morning, I tried to make up for it in the kitchen.  As for Sunday afternoon and Monday just keep reading …

These are a few pictures I took last week.  Again, the neighbor’s Hereford replacement heifers were along the road.  I used a Kim Klassen texture, paper love.

We had major fog last Thursday.  I thought this tree looked photo worthy.  I used two textures from Kim Klassen, happy heart and elevate.

On Friday J turned the calves out into a small pasture and took the cows back to winter pasture.  The majority of the bawling is over and the calves will be on a feed ration soon.  The cows are happily grazing away.

Friday afternoon and Saturday I spent cleaning, doing laundry, catching up on odd house jobs and helping J.  I made a version of Cheeseburger Pie. from Kim’s County Line.  The Hubby and I both liked it.  I used puff pastry instead of refrigerated crescent rolls and added some crumbles of bacon.  I used less cheese than called for, but am pretty sure the Hubby would have liked it with more cheese.

We had plans to go on a Sunday road trip, but North Dakota freezing rain kept us home.  I ended up in the kitchen.  I made a pie for this months Improv Cooking Challenge.  I also made Beer Bread!  Another recipe from the South Dakota blogging Sisters, Lisa and Barb.

I snapped these wild turkeys on the way to work one morning.  I like the light and shadows I captured.

Sunday morning J caught a few calves heading out on an adventure.  He got them in and fixed the fence.  Sunday afternoon J checked the calves and a few of them were home.  J and I went on an exploration and repaired a different part of the fence.  It was a relatively easy fix.

J went out, in the fog, just before daybreak Monday morning.  NO calves at home … none  So, I changed out of my town clothes, grabbed stuff to fix fence and my 4-wheeler.  We found broken posts, corner posts, wires, gates and calves all over the ranch and beyond.  By 3 o’clock pm we had ALL the calves home, accounted for and in jail!  J and I were so happy to see his folks come home early this afternoon.

I have a new respect for the daily tasks that J, his folks and ranchers go through.  Working in town has made me somewhat immune to the reality of what J really does.  It’s one thing to talk about the day at supper and another to be out helping.  Miss B always says, “I have NO idea what the day holds for me.”  I have a feeling my full-time at home ranch wife adventure is just beginning.

How was your weekend?

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20 Responses to Oh, The Fun We Have

  1. Oh no! Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Glad you found all those pesky calves and got them back home!

  2. Janelle says:

    Yep, such is life on the ranch. Most days you do get to do as planned, about 51% of the time that is. The other 49%?? Good luck! Seems like you chase after what you’re supposed to be doing, and sometimes you actually catch it. Life is fun that way!

  3. Karen says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend! I have no clue what ranching is really like, but think it would be fascinating to try it (as in watch – because I’m sure it’s hard work) for a week! I love the editing on the calves – they look like paintings!

    • Robyn says:

      Karen, if you ever have questions about ranching, let me know. I would be happy to help you better understand what we do.

      Some days are quite hectic and unpredictable, but I think it all balances out with other perks of our lifestyle.

  4. Barb says:

    So glad you got the calves rounded up and the fences fixed. Always something to do on a ranch or farm. Nice edits on the pictures.

  5. Oh you have been busy between housework, rounding up your calves and cooking…you are wearing me out. Wish I would have been around to help round-up the calves and to taste your home cooking…but no so much the housework. Great pictures!!

    • Robyn says:

      I was tired by the time things got under control yesterday, Deanna. I don’t enjoy housework either. But, I do it and tell myself “when the house is clean you can do fun stuff!”

  6. Being on a ranch you have a have a lot of willing subjects. Love the cow

  7. Candy C. says:

    Love the texture edits on your pictures!
    Hmmm… full-time ranch wife, huh?!? YAY!! 🙂

  8. Sharon says:

    The texturing on these photos is gorgeous! I enjoyed reading about life on the ranch. Enjoy!

  9. wonderful photos and enJOYable read. there is so much about each place on this planet to fascinate us, isn’t there?!

  10. PrairieJill says:

    Great images! I think the first two are my favourites – the texture works so perfectly on them.

  11. Janis says:

    Love the texture on the first shot! very nice pics

  12. Carletta says:

    Whew, you are a busy lady!
    Your photos are lovely! I really like the texture work.
    That shot of the turkeys has lovely light and it looks like an old fashioned magazine shot.
    Always nice reading about your days.

    • Robyn says:

      Thank You Carletta! The turkey pict light is the sunrise.
      I am sure I will have more adventurous Ranch Wife days to write about soon.

  13. Marie-AZ says:

    Great uses of textures. Loved the photos.

  14. Pat says:

    I imagine fence-mending is a neverending job on the ranch. I love your photos. You are good at choosing textures that enhance the tone and depth of each image.

  15. Beth - VA says:

    great shots.

    finally getting around to commenting on this FF … away for an anniversary trip. big hugs. (:

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