October Thus Far

It’s Monday again, how did that happen so fast? Are we really 12 days into October?

It’s been a busy week and a half for J and I. As you know from last weeks post, I spent two days at the South Dakota Women In Ag Conference.

Saturday the 3rd we had good friends here antelope hunting. While the guys were out hunting, I was in the kitchen. I made and canned salsa and made a batch of chili. I found a recipe on facebook for Wendy’s Chili and felt adventurous. I am a big fan of chili and this did not disappoint me.

October 12

One of the hunters brought three grocery sacks full of apples. Red and green eating apples and red baking apples. Again, feeling adventurous I canned a batch of apple pie filling and J helped me freeze the rest. We haven’t tried the filling yet; if it’s good I’ll let you know. We borrowed J’s Mom’s apple peeler, slicer, corer gadget and made short work of the task.

Sunday evening we went to a neighbors for supper. We had a fun time visiting with friends that we don’t see often enough.

When we got home J pulled up to the chicken coop so I could lock them in. In the head lights was a dead chicken. When I went to feed the hens Monday morning something was off. After a head count I was short four hens. J found raccoon tracks and more feathers west of the coop. So far no more problems, but the girls have slowed down laying eggs.

October 12

J kept busy checking cattle and hauling manure several days last week. Friday he went on a fix-it run.

Saturday we headed to the Hills. The neighbors, and family friends, that lived to the ranch south of us had a birthday open house. Ruby turned 90 the end of September and Herman will be 90 in January. 68 years of marriage, six children, almost half of the grand kids, a few great grand kids, siblings, neighbors and friends gathered to celebrate this special couple.

On the way home J and I were visiting about the party. It was our observation that many of the people from our neighborhood have lived well into their 90’s. The majority of them have moved to the Hills, but they are healthy and living well.

October 12

I’m attending two craft fairs this fall. I will be selling cards, journals and mouse pads featuring my photography. I’ve also been doing a few crafty projects to sell. Today is the first craft fair. My priority last week was getting ready for this first craft fair.

The photography items I sent to my cousin did not sell at the Nebraska craft fair. My Mom was kind enough to mail my items back to me and I got them in time for today’s fair. Thanks Mom!

These cute kitties belong to Janelle. After eating dinner during calf pre-conditioning I noticed Momma Kitty and her four kittens were all cuddled together on a deck chair.

How is October going for you?

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  1. Oh I saw some of your photography items on Facebook, and they looked delightful. Hope you sell them all at your craft fair.

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