Not an Ordinary Week on the Ranch

Busy seems to be the feeling we have around here.  It seems like a blink of the eye and another week has passed.

Wild Sunflower along the driveway.


J’s brother’s family, Grandma, and an Aunt and Uncle have been visiting.  J’s sister and her husband came for the weekend too. 

The neighbor's bull.


J took advantage of Brother’s extra help!  Brother loves to come home and help hay or farm.  Between J, T, and Brother many bales of hay were made and the summer fallow is done.  Not all is work.  Family meals, visiting, cards, and other games were also going on.

J and I put up hay on Sunday afternoon.  We were making good progress until I noticed a flat tire on the rake.  J and I came home with the flat. J fixed the tire while T finished baling.  We seem to be caught up, for the moment!  J has one more hay field to cut and plans to start swathing barley this week.

Last Friday our local Library had an open house.  The library has been doing some much needed remodeling and updating.  Check back on Wednesday for a special guest post “Public Library Celebrates New Digs.”

Roxie likes the breeze under a shade tree.


We had several days of humid and hot weather last week.  Humidity is rare here and it takes a lot of it for a good ole Nebraska girl to notice.  So, it has been humid!  We continue to get some rain and have dodged some severe storms.  The last few days we have enjoyed highs in the mid to upper 80’s with no humidity.

The grass is still green, but my yard mowing is starting to slow down.

What is going on at your ranch or in your lives?  Does time really go faster the older one gets?

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2 Responses to Not an Ordinary Week on the Ranch

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi there Ranch Wife! Love your photos… so pretty… I hope you’ll head back on over to another Farmgirl Friday! I’ve got my blog back after losing my domain name last week!
    Happy Ranchin’

    • Robyn says:

      Thank You Debbie! I look forward to Farmgirl Fridays. Thanks for letting me know you are up and running again.

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