New Grazing

We continue to hang on around here.  It’s dry, but we are feeling lucky for the little bit of moisture we have received.  We ran into a neighbor earlier this week; sounds like west of here it gets really tough.  Friends and family east river say they can’t buy a rain.  It’s not easy to watch the August heat continue to dry out the prairie and crops.  We continue to look on the bright side as optimism is a prerequisite to making a living in production Agriculture.

Last weekend J and I moved pairs to a new paddock.  This pasture has a spring fed creek running through it.  The bank of the creek has green grass.

We found the yearlings picking buffalo berries.

The town I work in is on a Rural Water System.  The system sprang a leak someplace and the town water tower ran dry.  Yes, you read that right an entire small town (population 375) without water for about a 24 hour period.  The rural area that the water system serves has been without water for a few days.  Yesterday afternoon the town allowed water use in very restricted amounts.  I am thankful for our ranch well.


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  1. That grass near the spring is so green! I don’t even remember when I saw grass around here that was that color. Thankfully we are getting cooler temps this week, if only the rain would come!

  2. Pat says:

    I hope you continue to get the rain you need.
    I like the mosaic of the cattle shots.

  3. Buttons says:

    Hi Robyn it is very dry we have had rain off and on for two days. Things are greening up, there is some water in the pond and I am hopeful. We are going to try to ship some stockers hopefully this weekend and see how the market is. I hope it is still OK afraid to send to many in case it is bad.
    Take care. B

  4. Candy C. says:

    Wow, that is too bad about the rural water! It must be hard to be without water for ANY amount of time, we all take it for granted anymore. I’m glad ya’ll have been getting a little rain anyway!

  5. Oh I know you farmers and ranchers need rain really really bad. So many here in the midwest have lost their entire corn crops due to lack of rain. I cannot even imagine a whole water tower running dry…bad luck. Thanks for stopping by FOL and leaving a sweet comment!!

  6. LindaG says:

    I heard on the news that the corn and soybean crop outlook has been downgraded again.
    I keep hoping and praying that people who need rain will get it.
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  7. That’s terrible about the town water system. Not a good time to spring a leak. I used our water sparingly here — like you, we have well water, but I don’t abuse the privilege. Have a great weekend, Robyn.

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