Nebraska State Fair and Other Things

Happy Labor Day! I hope all of you are having an excellent closing weekend to summer. Even though we had a very odd summer, it sure went fast. The fall season of crisp temperatures, changing colors, soup and football is here.

Thursday August 24th J and I loaded up the station wagon and headed south. We went to Nebraska to help Mom show sheep at the State Fair.

I love the time I get to spend with my family. I also enjoy catching up with fellow sheep exhibitors and visiting with friends and neighbors. Mom was happy with the way her Southdown sheep did at the fair and she had Reserve Champion Meat Breed Fleece!

Sister and Miles came to the fair on Friday. It’s fun to watch kids experience different animals and people. Miles loved the chickens and piglets he saw in the birthing pavilion. Grandpa loved his reaction to the big roosters! 

We returned to the ranch on Monday. It seemed like a long trip home as we ran into a lot of road construction. It didn’t bother me much as I got a couple good naps in.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday J and I hauled hay and J checked cattle. I tackled the dirty job of mowing. It’s amazing how mowing can really spiff up the place. Friday evening J and I went to town to take in the local high school football game.

J had a high school classmate get married over the weekend. She and her husband live in Omaha, NE. I went to a small bridal shower on Saturday morning and we went to the reception Sunday afternoon. J and I had a good time visiting with neighbors and catching up with friends. 

While working on sheep at the State Fair a journalist from the Grand Island Independent took my picture. The editor must have liked the shot as they used it in the “State Fair” section of the Saturday paper.

This was the 150th year for Nebraska’s statehood and State Fair added to the celebration. Sand sculptures and quilts were among the items proclaiming Nebraska.

Going through the quilt display is one of my favorite things. There are so many works of art done with material,needle, thread, patience and creativity.

Montana is battling many wildfires and we have been experiencing a lot of smoke the last few days.

Looking at the week ahead, I have an appointment in North Dakota Border Town and we have a funeral at the end of the week. Sounds like J is thinking about hauling manure and maybe we’ll squeeze in a little fencing.

Here’s to autumn, our favorite time of year!

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3 Responses to Nebraska State Fair and Other Things

  1. Alica says:

    I love fair season! Sounds like you had a fun time at the fair…and with family. I enjoy this time of year too…it gets really busy with harvest, but the cooler weather is welcome.

  2. Lavina Goddard says:

    Loved all the pictures and seeing your family.

  3. Kim's County Line says:

    It’s fun to explore the fair through little eyes, isn’t it? Our Kansas State Fair starts this coming Friday, but I don’t think the granddaughters are coming until the next Friday. Kinley has been asking about coming again. Should be fun!

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