Nap Time

I love a good nap!  This is something that I thoroughly enjoy as an adult and hated as a kid.

I was one of those lucky kids that got to go to kindergarten all day five days a week.  Yup, I got on the bus in the early morning and stayed at school with the big kids.  After lunch we got our little mats out and took a nap.  It was awful! 

J took a picture of me while he was driving home from one of our trips to Nebraska.


My Grandpa was a believer of taking a nap.  He would fall asleep in his chair and my sister and I would stretch out on the floor and giggle.  As little kids we had never known someone to snore so loud.  We told Mom all about it and she informed us her Grandpa did the same thing!

As an adult, I would enjoy a nap most days.  Right after dinner would be ideal.  Not a long nap, but a chance to lie down, relax and let my dinner settle.  A short spell to re-energize before taking on the afternoon.

J is not a nap taker.  He is a get up and go, go, go type of person.  J and his Mom make the energizer bunny look slow.  The only time J will fall asleep in the daytime is if he has been up all night calving. 

Sometimes, I think it would be nice to be a little dog.  The majority of life would be naps and fun.   

All snuggled in for a good nap.


 I try to take advantage of nap time every chance I get.  This weekend, I had the chance to take a nap both Saturday and Sunday!  Another good reason to love a rainy day.

On a special note:  Here is wishing J’s Mom, B, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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