My Whisk

The whisk is one of my most used and favorite kitchen utensils.  I also have a favorite whisk; I mean had a favorite whisk.

One day last year, during calving season, I went to my utensil jar and my favorite whisk was missing.  It did not take long before I found it on the edge of the sink in the entry way.  My whisk was sitting there in an ice cream bucket.  It took me little time to realize that my whisk had been promoted to J’s whisk.  Apparently J needed it to mix up some colostrx for a cold baby calf in the middle of the night.  Colostrx is powdered colostrum for baby calves and a rancher’s best friend for getting cold calves up and going. 

I felt proud of my whisk.  It was now aiding in saving the life of new born calves on our ranch.  In the kitchen it just mixes up pudding, muffins, cake and assists in feeding our family.

I got a new free be whisk at the Woman In Ag conference I went to last fall.  I was so excited!  The free be was just the right size and has a good sturdy handle.  I knew this was the whisk that was going to make my kitchen creations the best.

I got home from the conference and was telling J about it when he got this look on his face.  This WOW touchdown look.  I glanced over and he was eyeballing my whisk.  He mentioned how this new whisk would work great during calving season.  I was disturbed that he thought it was OK to try to claim my new whisk.

Since last fall I have befriended my freebee whisk, I love my freebee whisk and will be hiding it from J.       

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4 Responses to My Whisk

  1. Janet says:

    I know the feeling.

  2. Wynn says:

    You just need to remind J the rolling pin and frying pan are always handy if you catch him with your WISK !!!

  3. James Brixey says:

    You can always wash them in some bleach water if he “accidentaly” has a lapse of memory and uses your whisk. haha

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