My Little Boston

After posting about the Faces of Fritz, I thought I would give Molly a post too.  I finally got some good pictures of her.

J was gone one day and we broke the rules.  I took Molly out to check water with me.  Three over joyed helpers makes chores exciting.  All was well until a little paw got pinched in the tailgate.  Molly limped around on 3 legs for over a week.  When she really wanted something all 4 legs worked fine and it didn’t hold her back from walking with me outside.

The other morning Molly was not her energetic self when I got up.  She didn’t want to go out and was not excited for breakfast.  I instantly knew something was wrong and asked J if she got in trouble after I went to bed.  J assured me all was OK.  While I was doing house work I set her up on my kitchen chair and petted her every time I walked by.  After an hour I finally discovered a cactus in her paw.  She must have picked it up when she went out the night before.  Life was so much better after the cactus was removed!

This is the same shot as the first picture.  I edited it with watercolor in and used a Kim Klassen texture.

Molly is NOT a fan of baths.  I try to giver her one every week.  Last week she hid from me, imagine my surprise when she was sitting with J!

Molly was glad to see us when we got home from our trip.  We were not excited to see her or Fritz.  Apparently Friday night Fritz got the entryway door open and came in the house.  First thing they did was find the candy jar.  I know dogs are not supposed to have chocolate.  The reason for that is because chocolate makes dogs go crazy.  These two girls had a huge party and J’s Mom discovered the aftermath on Saturday morning.  I am so thankful for all the cleaning up J’s folks did before we got home.  We did more cleaning Sunday night and the carpet cleaner will be here next week.

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the dull moments of life!

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6 Responses to My Little Boston

  1. Janet says:

    Dogs are so loveable and such a big part of a ranchers ( and others) lives. Molly is quite a little character. 🙂

  2. My dog growing up was a Boston Cocker spaniel mix. She was the best dog in the world! I think Molly is a pretty cute little character too!

  3. Candy C. says:

    I LOVE the pictures of her hiding from her bath!! 🙂
    She sounds like quite a character and I can tell you love her very much!

    • Robyn says:

      I don’t know why bath time is so much drama. I could not keep my first Boston out of the water. Molly is scared of EVERYTHING! The other day J was shaking his head. We have a gallon jug watering thing for the dogs; Molly was drinking when the jug went glug glug. She went running through the house. Her own shadow is pretty frightful too.

      You are right, Molly is mine and I love her.

  4. Buttons says:

    Oh Molly she is so cute and I love her name. A party that is what happens when the parents go away, darn kids:) Hope you can get the stains out. B

    • Robyn says:

      Button, I don’t see any stains, but am not taking any chances. The carpet cleaner is coming next week. We have had a few neighbors over this week and no one has mentioned a foul smell. Cousin T would let me know too!

      Glad calving is going good. J and I are having trouble thinking of something neat for his Mom’s Christmas gift.

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