Muddy Paw Prints

Both work and fun projects have kept us active this week. Ranch projects and little things makes a for a full week.

J did a few odd ball jobs, like mechanicing and small fencing projects. The lawn mower is ready to do some work, if the sun ever comes out.

Last Saturday J and I helped a neighbor work calves. On the way home we stopped and visited another neighbor. We had a nice day off the ranch.

May 8

This is how Rosie and I spend time while waiting for J when he is on the phone. We like to entertain ourselves by taking pictures and sending texts. This is a smartphone picture straight out of the camera; all I did was crop and add my watermark.

Monday J’s folks, J and I fenced around one of our summer pastures. This pasture has canyons (or deep draws) and a lot of fence got wiped out by the October Blizzard. It took us the majority of the day. J and his Dad went around another summer pasture on Tuesday. They also took their fishing poles along, but no fish were brought home.

May 8

I completed another crafty project. I pecked away at it when J didn’t need me outside. Look for a blog post in the near future.

Weather permitting we are wanting to work calves on Saturday. I have my menu and a plan in mind. We’ll see if the rain holds off this weekend. If not, Tuesday we shall try to brand.

May 8

We are seeing a little spring. The grass is starting to green, we can easily row the winter wheat and I will need to mow the yard soon. Monday evening we had a thunderstorm come through; Tuesday we had .80″ of rain in the gauge. Wednesday it drizzled most of the day. This morning we have dark cloudy skies and wind.

J had a meeting on Wednesday and I got caught up on more odd ball jobs. I am feeling pretty good about getting more “little things” crossed off my metal list. Notice the new blog header? I might have to quit procrastinating on pressing my basket full of good pants as J told me his last pair of town pants are dirty. I think the last time I got the press out was 2013.

May 8I hope those of you that need rain can get some moisture. Prayers of health and safety to those planting crops and doing spring cattle work. It’s a busy time of year for the ag community.


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7 Responses to Muddy Paw Prints

  1. Janet says:

    Picture of Rosie is adorable. Are all the pictures from the smart phone? The 2 clucks were photogenic too. 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Rosie is the only smartphone picture on this post.
      I like my hens and they are laying eggs like crazy.

  2. Kim says:

    I love the first photo with your cutie dog and the beautiful sky. Good luck with the cattle work this weekend! Hope it works out for you. We were thankful for 1.10″ of rain overnight. It doesn’t “bust the drought” but we are thankful for every drop.

  3. Lisa says:

    It is a busy time of year indeed! Best to you this spring. Love your calves, birds, and dog. Every farm or ranch needs a trusty canine sidekick!

  4. Myla says:

    I’m excited to see what your latest craft project is!!

  5. Linda W says:

    Like your new header! And Rosie is looking all grown up.

  6. Roan says:

    Rosie is adorable!

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