Muddy Creek

This is the Muddy Creek; it runs through my Mom and Dad’s place.  As you can see from last year’s picture, it doesn’t change much.  I didn’t get to see Mr. Beaver this year.

February 13

Here are a few things about my week:

1.  I like tape.  When I wrap gifts or send packages in the mail I use lots of tape. Wednesday afternoon I got a manila envelope in the mail.  It was securely covered in tape so the edges would not tear and contents get lost.  The package was from my Mom.

2.  I don’t send Christmas cards.  Since I started my blog I figure if people want to know what J and I are up to they can check my website.  The pictures and stories are current.  I do like to send cards for other holidays.  I find it fun to send a little surprise greeting in the mail.  I take the time to hand write a note and hope it makes someone smile.

February 13

3.  I am reading Room by Emma Donoghue.

4.  Yesterday, J hauled hay. Between loads I had time to do quick projects before I needed to be outside to open gates.  J had a small breakdown, I got a few house tasks done and a magazine article rough draft written.  When I sat down for supper I thought,”wow we got a lot done today.”  I like that feeling.

February 13

5.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Rumor has it J and I are going out for surf and turf at a local bar and grill.  We are joining Cousin T and a few neighbor couples for supper.

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21 Responses to Muddy Creek

  1. Candy C. says:

    Well, your sweet little Valentine card sure did make ME smile! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂
    I hope J’s small breakdown was mechanical in nature! LOL!!

  2. Aunt Linda says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. cheri says:

    HA! I too love tape! 🙂
    What a quaint little creek. Love the sound of the creek. So soothing.
    I love the feeling of a busy day of jobs well done.
    Oh – have fun on your date night. 🙂
    Happy Valentines Day to you & J!

  4. Kim says:

    Muddy Creek makes for a beautiful winter stream, in spite of its name! I love days when I can say, “I got a lot done!” Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, Robyn! Enjoy your date!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I stopped Christmas cards a couple years ago but do send cards during the year. Sometimes I even make them myself.
    Weather has changed our V-Day plans. We’ll improvise at home.

  6. Nancy says:

    Enjoy your night out Robyn — much deserved! xo

  7. Buttons says:

    Oh Surf and Turf sounds wonderful Happy Valentines Day.
    I love your handwriting I was one lucky girl to get a well taped package in the mail and it completely made my year. Glad to know where you inherited that whole tape thing:)
    Oh when the work is done it is a wonderful wonderful feeling indeed. Have a nice dinner you both deserve it. HUGS B

  8. snap says:

    enjoy your dinner out. the use of tape must run in the family! 😉 i send Christmas cards and cards for other holidays. guess i love stuffing other peoples mail box! happy friday!

  9. Muddy Creek is a beautiful little spot. I love tape too, I use way too much on parcels and gifts!

  10. Ewa says:

    Yep, I know the hay feeling! It is a great one!

  11. Sarah says:

    Room was an interesting read, very different. I don’t send Christmas cards either.

  12. Sharon says:

    Wow — That’s a fine snow-filled muddy creek you have! Great photos. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Robyn! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm 🙂

  13. Linda R says:

    Such beautiful photos.. I do hope you had a nice time out.. Sounds yummy..


  14. I hope you had a great dinner! I don’t send Christmas cards either I would rather send a hand written note at another time during the year…or visit in person when possible. I love days when we get a lot done…although while I type I realize that days in which we get absolutely nothing done are, while very rare, quite nice as well. Mums are good like that!

  15. I love that last photo of the river, just beautiful.

  16. Ida says:

    Lovely, wintery photos of the river.
    Hope your dinner was wonderful.
    I have a hard time with people who use lots of tape to wrap. When you have Arthritis it’s difficult to unwrap all that tape. Thank goodness for knives.
    It’s always good at the end of a busy day to feel that sense of accomplishment.

  17. Carletta says:

    I do the same thing with tape. I always think twice though because of 9/11 and how they looked at packages. Lots of tape was one of the things you were told to look for. I just like to make sure it gets there relatively secure.
    That creek looks sparkling under that ice – “muddy” here would really be muddy. 🙂

  18. When I saw the photos of Muddy Creek on G+ I didn’t realize it’s on your mom & dad’s place – I love it.
    The place where I grew up on the Mississippi had a creek running through it. Oh, how we loved it as kids.
    I enjoyed the Valentine! Thanks, Robyn!
    And I read Room and thought it was very interesting.
    I’m just starting The Life of Pi.

  19. Eden Hills says:

    Love the pictures of the creek.

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