Moving Pairs to Grass

Saturday morning the alarm went of at 4:00 and we were heading out to gather cattle at 4:45!  J, T and I rode 4-wheelers and B lead the cattle with the pickup and trailer.  Our neighbor with the Horned Herefords helped too.  It was a windy 41 degrees when we left the yard.


We took a coffee break half way to the pasture.  This gave the cattle a rest and a chance to get a drink of ditch water.  The second half of the trip is mostly uphill.  We stopped a second time to let the cattle get another drink and start to pair up.

J and Roxie looking over the herd.


When we made it to the pasture the cows got a drink from the dam and spread out to graze.  Most of the calves laid down; they had a long walk!

Cows love new green grass!


Cattle are paired up and ready for summer.


J and T stayed with the cattle and made sure that none of the calves ran back home.  If the calves don’t pair back up with their mother the calf will run back to the place they last saw thier mother.   This morning J went to check and make sure the livestock are still content. 

We have all the cattle to grass, except for a few cows.  Most of wich need to have a calf! 

More rain headed our way today and Memorial Day.

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  1. Linda says:

    This has got to be Wyoming am I right?

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