This is Mouser. We got him from the neighbors last summer and he was a little shy. I petted and held him, but he was not too fond of the idea. In the last couple of months Mouser has decided to be a lover. He wants petted, purrs and is frequently under my feet.

When Mouser comes in the yard Molly likes to bark at him. As soon as Mouser takes two steps towards her, Molly dashes for safety on the deck. Makes me laugh!


It’s been an interesting two weeks for J and I. August 10th and 11th we tackled the first of J’s many fencing projects. We built three corners, tore out close to half a mile of woven wire fence and replaced it with four strands of barbed wire. J and I put in two big days of work and were excited with our accomplishment.

August 13th I spent the afternoon judging 4-H static exhibits at the local County Fair. There are 5-6 families that are very active in 4-H and the kids do a great job with visual arts, leather tooling, photography, and more.


That weekend J and his folks went to Watertown, SD for a Wedding; I decided to stay home. J expressed plans to do more fencing projects and hopefully haul hay. I thought it important to prep some meals I could easily stick in the oven or crock pot. I baked two types of muffins muffins and made a couple desserts to stick in the freezer. When ranch work gets busy, I like to be prepared with easy meals and snacks. I also mowed the lawns and did a few odd jobs outside.


Monday the 17th I had an appointment in North Dakota border town and got groceries. After dinner J and I started on another fencing project. We got the woven wire pulled off the posts and rolled up,  posts pulled and one wire strung before the rain stopped us.

Monday night – late Tuesday morning we were blessed with 1.30″ of moisture! It was a perfect soaking rain. J and I did a couple of jobs in the shop before he headed to Motorcycle City.

Yes, you read correctly, plans to fence or haul hay got put aside due to rain and the last-minute decision for J and his Dad to got to Daktoafest.  Dakotafest is South Dakota’s annual Ag and Farm show. Again, I stayed home to hold down the fort.


J and I pulled bulls off one set of cows this afternoon and we are hitting the pasture early early tomorrow morning. I thought it would be a good idea to post this evening as pulling bulls can take an unpredictable amount of time.

This week Molly and I are going to Nebraska. Mom has Southdowns entered to show at the State Fair and we are going to show sheep.

J is still contemplating if he can to go or not. We need to finish the above mentioned fence project and we are scheduled to ultra-sound bred heifers Wednesday morning.

So goes the life of a rancher and his wife, lots of work to do. Sometimes getting organized and having the weather cooperate is half the battle to getting started.

What August projects are you working on?

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7 Responses to Mouser

  1. Kim says:

    Randy seems to gravitate toward cats with Mouser’s coloring! I hope he lives up to his name! We have had a couple of “kitty crops” here lately. The moms keep moving them, so we’ll see how many Randy can tame. My mom and dad are in the market for some more farm cats, so Randy is “on contract” – ha! He’s our local cat whisperer.

    Have fun at the fair! I know that’s always a favorite for you!

    • Robyn says:

      J was organizing in one of the hay yards and uncovered a litter of kittens. The Mother moved them to the other end of the old bales J was trying to get rid of. He left the bales and we are hoping she moves the kittens sooner than later.

      A few days ago Mom sent me a picture text; she uncovered a litter on 10 kittens!

      Hope your “cat whisperer” can help your Mom and Dad out.

  2. Sandie says:

    Love your Mouser Photos….you are one awesome photographer!

  3. Bonnie says:

    May I borrow your mouser? I’ve trapped 23 mice just in August. Glad you got rain. Thanks for judging the 4-H projects. I am reminded of late nights finishing up all those loose ends. Sounds like you are keeping busy.

  4. You are busy!!
    We could use a Mouser around here.
    The new pup actually caught one and left it on the doorstep for me the other day, and the kids got one in the backyard today. Fall is in the air, and they’re moving in around buildings. We’ve had a boatload of rain, too.. today the sun came out again and it was lovely!

    • Robyn says:


      Mom’s dog has taken it upon himself to kill kittens. Riley has done his part in controlling the cat population.

      J says it was hot while I was in NE and they are talking hot the next few days too. Glad you got rain and sunshine after the rain!

      Hope you have a great week.

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