More Tidbits from Nebraska

Here are a few more pictures from my trip to Nebraska and the State Fair.

1. One day while Dad was at the local grain elevator a kitten wondered in.  He brought it home for Mom.  The kitten is just a doll!

September 19

I wanted to bring the kitten home; Mom offered to let me take it home.  I didn’t think Molly and the kitten would be a good combination in a car for 8 hours.  I know J would NOT have appreciated the surprise.

September 19

2.  During the State Fair Mom and I enjoyed walking through the Dairy barn to look at the cows.

September 19

3.  I like strolling through the chicken barn too.  There are so many interesting chicken breeds.

While I was gone J picked up some new hens for me.  A neighbor gal wanted to get rid of a few chickens and called to see if I could use some.  My new girls are one year old red hens.

September 19

4.  This is a Charolais bull from the Open Class Show.

September 19

5.  This guy was keeping watch in the cattle barn.  A well behaved companion.  September 19

Planting winter wheat was our big project this week.  We were glad to have J’s folks home to lend an extra hand or two.  We had a few minor breakdowns, but have another fall job checked off J’s list.  To top it off we got a little rain yesterday afternoon and Tuesday night.

Sounds like we might start chopping corn tomorrow.


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14 Responses to More Tidbits from Nebraska

  1. Darcy says:

    Love your pictures from Grand Island – such a great place to have a state fair. Good luck with corn chopping! They just started harvesting the first circle of high moisture corn for silage here too, and we are hoping for safe harvests.

  2. Candy C. says:

    That kitten certainly is adorable! I love the fall foilage displays in the Dairy barn. Congrats on getting the winter wheat in the ground AND some new chickens! 🙂

  3. Kristeen says:

    It’s cool to see how clean they keep all the animal..
    Boy, those eyes of the kitten could win your heart – sweet photo…

  4. Oh, what great looking animals!
    And never a dull day for you on the ranch.

    I’m curious how your hen is doing, the one that wasn’t well.
    Our 3rd of 4 hens just layed her first egg today!
    Again, Lilly was so excited after school, to find Chiquita hop out of her nest box & leave an egg behind.

  5. Oh that is one cute kitten! I wouldn’t have been able to resist.

  6. Kelly kardos says:

    Really enjoyed my visit here from ARJ

  7. abrianna says:

    I want that kitten too! Very cute.

    I am enjoying being back in the rural area. I have 9 days left before I go back to the place we live most of the time.

  8. lynn says:

    those cows look so well cared for, lucky kitty to have met up with your Dad. Your gift chickens look so cute as if wearing a shawl. Glad your visit home went well and you are back safe and sound.

  9. Love the photo of that pretty, velvety bull. There is a herd of those Charolaise at a field in the neighbouring village at my home in Oxfordshire. They really are the prettiest. 🙂

  10. Ruth says:

    Nice touch putting flowers next to the cows. I used to like to visit the baby pigs at the fair.

  11. Sharon says:

    What an adorable kitten. I would lose my heart!

  12. Busy busy time of year for you Robyn — good luck with the corn chopping!

    Love the spotted dairy cow and the chickens… oh, and that kitten. I would have smuggled it home somehow! 🙂

  13. You wear me out just reading about all of your activities. Enjoy those new chickens, and that kitty is just too sweet!!

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