Meat: A Rural Tradition

We have family traditions, festivals to celebrate our heritage and community gatherings.  We have meetings, conventions, reunions and events we never miss.  We find comfort in connections we make and look forward to events that we enjoy.

There is a tradition many in the livestock business practice and don’t realize how unique it is; we raise our own meat and we share it.

I grew up eating corn fed beef bearing my family’s brand.  Some of the steers we harvested were halter broke, cared for and lead through the show ring by sister or I.  Sometimes when Grandpa harvested a beef he would call up and say, “I have beef to give you!” 

My Dad’s family raised hogs for many years.  When we had family gatherings we often ate home raised pork.  Grandma has been furnished with beef and pork raised by her family as long as I can remember.

While in High School, Sister had a lamb that hurt his back.  After show season, Bobo soon became a nuisance.  What do you do with one wether that has a bad back?  Mom got the idea to put him in the deep freeze.  Sister and I thought it was a great idea. Since then, Mom and Dad have homegrown lamb in the freezer.  Sister makes it home more often than I and Mom regularly sends meat with her when she leaves.

Years ago one of Mom’s 4-H kids decided to raise turkeys.  Mom was the first to sign up and buy home raised and dressed birds.  Another year, Mom’s 4-H Club members went together, harvested a hog and gave it to our family as a Thank You for being a 4-H Club Leader.  Yes, it was a 4-H project that did not make it to the fair and it was delicious.

Today I eat grass fed beef raised on our ranch.  Jim’s siblings frequently take home a cooler full of meat when they come to see us.  They say nothing tastes as good as home raised beef.  Family and friends that visit from afar are always impressed with the taste and flavor of our meat.

I think it’s a unique experience to eat home raised meat and a tradition we should be proud of.  Agriculture producers are blessed to have access to high quality meat, eat home raised livestock and share it with our loved ones.


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7 Responses to Meat: A Rural Tradition

  1. Barb says:

    I agree! Home grown beef and hogs make the best meat!

  2. Kim says:

    Our daughter is close enough we can share beef with her. Our son would have loved it if we would have taken some to Kentucky for him, but it’s not exactly something you can put in your carry-on. That will have to wait until we drive there! We are indeed fortunate!

  3. Great post, defiantly something I take for granted sometimes, having our own home raised meat in the freezer. We really are blessed to live the life that we live.

  4. April S. says:

    I agree! A lot of people now have never experienced home raised meat – or naturally harvested meat – the flavor is unbeatable and we have found that our stomachs function much better than when we eat store-bought meat. One of my goals is to add a second standing freezer so we can buy more home raised meat to supplement our venison. I do see a trend as people try to eat healthier and realize what has been added to the stuff in the stores of people trying to go back to home raised.

  5. Michelle says:

    I agree…home grown and farm raised is always best. Altho…I’d probably name the animals and make friends…and end up raising them for life. Yep…glad to have farmers around that can do what I can’t.

  6. Nancy says:

    A wonderful post, Robyn. Seems anything farm-raised tastes better and is better for you, vs. store-bought. We really are fortunate to have this opportunity.

  7. Great post! We do our own chickens. We’ve thought about doing a pig at some point, but we’re not quite ready for that!

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