May 15th

Good Morning!

Yesterday we branded the majority of our calves.  It was a cool 40 some degrees with wind and heavy rain clouds.  We started gathering at 6:00 am and were eating dinner at 1:15 pm. 

Since I am cold blooded, I spent the day in long johns and insulated overalls!  I needed all my layers of clothes.  The 4-Wheeler ride can be quite brisk; especially in the early morn. 

My Cowboy looked up and smiled at me! He is not a big fan of his picture being taken.


Look for more branding picts later this week.

In the afternoon we checked cattle and made sure everyone got all paired up again.

Yesterday evening we went to a Graduation reception for the neighbor kid.  It was a nice evening visiting with friends.

Today we are headed over to brand the neighbors Herefords. 

Our prayers continue to go out to the family of J.K., as his funeral services are today.

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