March, In Like A …

I want to say March came in like a lion giving us extreme cold and 4″ of fresh snow. There was no wind over the weekend and the snow was pretty as it sparkled and danced in the sunshine. Is that in like a lamb?

Over the weekend we had high temperatures reach zero; when I got up for the 5 am Sunday morning heifer check is was -23*. Monday we saw highs in the low teens.

March 4

J and I are glad the heifers are calving one at a time as each calf needs extra care. Shortly after they are born and get a good feeding of Mama’s milk we put them in the hot box to get them good and dry. Friday afternoon we had another first calf heifer deliver twins; both of these calves are strong and healthy. We are supplementing them with a bottle to make sure they both get plenty to eat; they are catching onto the extra goodies. When we go up to check on things these two are running or bucking and follow us around the barn.

March 4

Saturday afternoon I broke my glasses. Yup, broke them, tried to superglue them and they are not fixable. I texted my Mom a picture and told her “this is what happens when I am careful 99.9% of the time.” Lucky for me, and because we live over 125 miles from the eye doctor, I still have my old glasses. They seem to be working and may have to get me through calving season.

March 4

Sunday we sorted off our replacement heifers. It was kind of bad timing with the cold temperatures, but needed to be done. Monday morning we shipped a load of bangs vaccinated heifers. In the afternoon, I made a quick trip to town to run errands and grab some groceries.

The mailbox had several colorful envelopes and a package from Iowa in it. One would have to wonder if I am having a birthday later this week? Guess I will have to wait and see.

March 4

We are excited for the weatherman’s prediction of warmer temps this week. Starting tomorrow they are talking highs in the 20’s and warmer each day. We are ready!

J is the Clerk for our township and has the annual township meeting this afternoon. I am on heifer duty.

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13 Responses to March, In Like A …

  1. Lynn says:

    Nice job, Robin!
    We are nearly done with our hfrs. It has been difficult and a lot of long hours, so far things have went well.

    • Robyn says:

      Hi Lynn! Glad to hear heifer calving went good through all this cold. It does take a lot of extra work and effort when it’s cold and/or we have snow.

  2. Kim says:

    I definitely think it came in like a lion. Let’s hope it exits like a lamb. We, too, are looking forward to warmer temperatures forecast for this week. I think we had 6 inches of snow over the weekend, on top of some ice. Thankfully, the power lines stayed up! I’m sorry about your glasses. I can relate to the need for them. Mine go on the second I get up and stay on until I go to bed.

  3. Jen says:

    Brrrr holy cow!!! I can’t image the cold temps you guys have right now, your state is so gorgeous but those temps… ugh. I often dream about moving your way or maybe CO but I guess I’m good where I am. Caring for animals in sub zero temps would kill me.

    Would love to see a pic of the hot box for the babies, sounds crucial but really cool too. Sorry about your glasses and IF there is a birthday coming later this week I hope it’s a great one đŸ™‚

  4. Buttons says:

    Oh Happy Birthday Robyn sorry about your glasses. My oh my it is busy its funny that Mother Nature does not know we could use a break on the temperatures to make work just a little easier. Hug B

  5. Myla says:

    As a kid, I always loved having to bottle feed calves. Now as an adult, I know it’s not always an easy task! Thankfully your heifers are milking well and you just have to supplement with bottles. I’m also ready for a warm up! This winter has really been drug out. Have a happy birthday!

  6. Colorful envelopes are always nice to see in the frozen mailbox!
    Happy to hear of the healthy set of twins. I can just imagine them, happy to see you in the barn.
    Glad you’ve got back up glasses, sorry to hear about the broken ones. No one in our family wears glasses.. If we did, I can only imagine how many broken pairs we would have! I’m terrible just with sunglasses.
    Again – I sure love that last shot, Robyn!
    Thank goodness for days growing warmer this week.

  7. Linda W says:

    After breaking my glasses skiing many times, I now have a couple of back-up pairs. Holy cold temps! Man I feel like a wimp skiing in zero degrees when you’re out there in 23 below. That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in SD. Thinking warm thoughts for you….

  8. Cheri says:

    Brrrrrr! I always hate to see a new calf laying on the cold ground and a heifer mama trying like crazy to get him up. We take them to the barn to calve if it’s really nasty out. I hope you get our warm temps. It warmed up to 52 today! Suppose to last all week. The snow is melted and the wind dried up the mud. We have 7 heifers to go.
    Bummer on your glasses. Thank goodness you had an old pair. Makes for a long long day when you have to run to the city.
    Take care

  9. When it’s that cold here, I just add another layer and cuddle under a blanket, you go outside to take care of your heifer’s. What a different life we lead, but I so enjoy reading about yours. Too bad about your glasses, but thank goodness you had a spare.

  10. Always enjoy visiting…fyi you can order glasses online. I was pleased with my online purchase…

  11. Lovely photography and we had the same weather here ~ and now cold and wintry still ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

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