March – In Like a Lamb

On Leap Year Monday, we got about 3″ of wet snow during the day. After dark a little more snow fell. Tuesday it warmed up and melted half the snow and the majority of it was gone by Wednesday afternoon. We needed the good moisture and it was great for settling the dust. Last week, each day was a little warmer than the one before topping out at 73* on Sunday!March 7

We see that the geese pairs have migrated back and have seen several Robin birds and the first meadowlark. In addition, the grass is starting to green up and there are a few buds on the lilac bushes. It’s early to be seeing this type of spring activity in our area as we still have a good chance of cold, snow and blizzards.

March 7Monday afternoon J’s Uncle Doug came to visit for the week. This is the same Uncle that has come to stay with us in the past. He enjoys the ranch and helping J. We like his company and love the extra help. J and Doug did all kinds of “man” jobs, like changing oil in 4-wheelers, adjusting a gate and fixing a little fence. They also dug up strap iron (the crusher has not been back yet) and did an electrical wiring task. For fun they decreased the cottontail rabbit population in our yard. I got caught up with skirt work and made a trip to small town for groceries.

March 7

Friday we ran the cows through the chute and gave them their scour guard shot. This shot helps build disease fighting antibodies in the calves. Cousin T and Roy came over to help.

After dinner Doug, J and I ran the replacement heifers and yearlings through the chute to pour them. It’s been awhile since we poured them and with the warm temps they have been scratching. The pour on will kill any lice and parasites that the yearlings may have picked up.

I love busy cattle working days. We still have our regular chores and were outside at 6:30 am. In addition there were several pairs to walk out. By late afternoon all three of us were ready for a break!

March 7

J and I wanted to cook something on the Green Egg while Doug was here. We decided to try our first brisket. It was an 11+ hour smoke, we seasoned the brisket with a light coat of equal parts Kocer salt and black pepper. J smoked it for 8 hours, wrapped it in freezer paper and left it on the egg for a little over 2 hours. I took it off the egg, wrapped the brisket in towels and let it rest for about an hour. We were very happy with our experiment!

March 7

Above is a birthday gift collage I did for my Aunt Janet. Her birthday was over the weekend.

Also celebrating an early March birthday was our Niece! J’s Sister had a brunch for her over the weekend and by the pictures on Facebook Auntie Robyn missed a fun party.

March 7

Are you calving or lambing? If so how is it going? 

Have you smoked a brisket, if so what is your method and seasoning?

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2 Responses to March – In Like a Lamb

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like you’ve gotten lots of work done during this nice weather. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, too!

    We hope the chances for rain that show on the weatherman’s forecast map actually amount to something. We definitely need rain, especially after all the wind of the last few days. It will be interesting to see if we’re done with winter or not. I doubt it, but we’ll see!

  2. Pam Galindo says:

    I just love reading what your life is like on a cattle farm. I have not smoked any meat, but it made me recall that as a kid my dad had a smoker and he made wonderful smoked salmon ….. at the time we lived on the Klamath River in Requa, California. It was a wonderful time in my life. I also felt inspired by your creative birthday gifts; they are beautiful and I see how you can personalize them. I must try this. Here in our central California valley, we’ve been delighted to have frequent rain… rain is a rare sight for us …. we are thankful for each and every drop. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

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