Leap Year Monday

Merriam Webster defines whirlwind as something that involves many quickly changing events or feelings; a confused rush.

That is a good summary of life last week! Maybe not the confused part, but many events and feeling rushed.

February 29

J and I spent several days sorting cattle. We got our replacement heifers picked out, sorted heifers to sell and sorted steers to sell. Since we sorted and sold cattle we shipped them too. Between cattle buyers, brand inspectors and truckers it kind of felt like Grand Central Station around here. In addition, the mineral dealer and gas man made deliveries and we ground hay.

February 29

We are getting a few more babies from the first calf heifers, so J and I started night checks. We get the girls in at dark and I check at 8 o’clock. J goes out between 10-10:30 and he has the 2 o’clock am check. I’m back on duty at 5 am. We are both adjusting to the schedule change. Yesterday, I took full advantage of a restful Sunday afternoon nap to catch up.

February 29Thursday J made a quick trip to the Hills to pick his 4-wheeler up from the mechanic. While he was making a trip he hauled in a couple of cull cows. I stayed home to babysit heifers and catch up on laundry. J picked these flowers up for me!

February 29

J likes to get a few heifers calved out before taking pairs out to the “Alley Pasture.” This is a small pasture we use for first calf heifer pairs. Saturday morning we took the first pairs out. I enjoy watching the calves trot behind their mama. It always amazes me how fast calves go from babies to running, jumping, bucking calves! It’s one of my favorite job perks.

February 29

With all the outside work going on I decided to use my evenings to unwind with a few mixed media art projects. I got my current ideas on canvas and finished them Saturday afternoon. I’m going to have to take a break on this creative outlet. It’s hard to be creative when I’m tired. Once the heifers let loose we are going to be getting a lot of babies in a hurry.

The piece below is a birthday gift I sent to my friend Jona. I’ll share more of my creations as I can. The pieces I’ve been working on are birthday and Mother’s Day gifts.

February 29

Here’s hoping March comes in like a lamb and blesses all with favorable calving weather.

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4 Responses to Leap Year Monday

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh Those are beautiful roses the colour is so pretty. J is a keeper. I understand this RUSH thing you speak of. Love your art. Take care and we will chat when all slows a bit:) whenever that is:) Hug B

  2. Kim says:

    We also sorted feeder calves this morning. We will keep 25 of them for replacement heifers. The truck comes on Wednesday to take the rest to the cattle sale on Thursday.

    We only have three more heifers to calve and are more than halfway done with the cows. It’s been nice weather for calving, but we could sure use rain for the 2016 wheat crop. I, too, love watching the baby calves and their mamas at this time of year.

    The roses are beautiful! “Just because” gifts are the absolute best!

  3. Alica says:

    Gotta love those crazy weeks! Those night checks would be hard on me…I hope calving season goes well with you all!

  4. Darcy says:

    You all have been BUSY! 🙂 And your flowers are beautiful – what a thoughtful husband you have.

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