What is leadership?

Microsoft word says it’s the ability to guide, direct or influence people; a leader is someone who guides or directs others.

I think there is a little more to being a leader.  A true leader quietly stands out in a group.  They exhibit characteristics that people want to follow and they have the ability to influence people.  These individuals possess reliability, perseverance, and substance.  People trust them.

Communication is a big part of being an effective leader.  Communication binds people together and is the foundation for successful relationships and organizations.  Being able to articulate thoughts, and exchange information leads to understanding expectations and builds trust.

Part of being a good communicator is first being a good listener.  The talent to listen attentively, discuss an issue and then communicate back to a group is important.  A leader is one who can make others feel like what they have to say matters and engage with different types of people.

A leader connects with people and has the ability to bring people together around a familiar issue.  Leaders are able to broaden their thoughts, organize the thoughts of a small group and deliver those ideas to a larger crowd.  They can do so in a style that people appreciate and relate to.  Leaders motivate constituents to take action and move forward.

Well respected people often become our leaders.  People look up to them and trust their decision-making skills.  Integrity, honesty and dependability are all characteristics of a valued leader.

Experience is a unique characteristic of all people.  The knowledge one has gained from their education and experiences also builds a leader.  Leaders tend to be optimists, forward thinking and passionate about what they believe in.  It is this problem solving charisma that moves a business and organization forward.

Leaders are people who can successfully communicate to a variety of people.  Leaders are listeners and encourage others to share ideas.  Leaders motivate by listening.  They are respected through the good example they live by.  Leaders share their life’s experience, learn from others and use that knowledge for the good of an organization.  Leaders make time to show up, help out and be heard.


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  1. LindaG says:

    I like your definition better than Microslofts.
    Have a good night.

  2. I agree! Listening is so important. Great post!

    Visiting from the country homemaker hop 😉

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