Labor Day Weekend – Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post we spent the weekend visiting friends.  It was great to get off the ranch for a few days.  It is easier to relax and have fun without the worry of everyday life outside the front door.  It’s important to take time and recharge every once in awhile.I feel blessed to have the friends we do.  Friends that are more like family than acquaintances. We may not see each other often enough, but I am grateful for every opportunity we get to spend time together.

K, Little L, and Miss J

Peculiar similarities us girls share amazes me!  We embrace our differences and individuality; we accept each other’s shortcomings.  Our relationship is unique and holds a special place in our hearts.

Where our discussions leave off is the place we pick up the conversation the next time we meet.  Our friendship provides us confidants to share ideas with, a different perspective on the challenges we face, and honesty when we need to hear it.

K and I

Our companionship is a source of light, love, and laughter.  We support each other, we welcome each other’s family into our homes, and we teach each other how to be better people through our life experiences.

Although we are separated by miles and only get together a few times a year; the foundation of our friendship is strong enough to stand the strongest test of time.  These women are phenomenal individuals and I am proud to call them my friends.

Miss J and I


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  1. Those are the best of friends and everyone should take time out to make sure we cherish friendships. Great photos and words. Thanks for linking up!

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