Journal Entry

If I were to write a journal of my week I think it would go something like this:

Sunday: The wind blew hard; the weatherman rarely misses the prediction of a windy day on the prairie. After chores I stained the bay window. J and I ate dinner with his folks; one of T’s good friends from High School and his wife joined us.

April 16

Monday: T and B went to the Hills. Between chores and taking out pairs I put over 30 miles on my 4-wheeler. We pulled two calves (one was big and the second backwards). I grilled Rib Eye Steaks for dinner and made sweet corn and Brussels sprouts to go with it. I got the first coat of gel varnish on the window. 

April 16

Tuesday: The wind blew hard. T and B got home from the hills and J put them back to work. We got the yearlings in and sorted off replacement heifers. The steers and heifers to spay got turned back out on feed and we worked the replacements. The girls got their pre-breeding shot, hoof rot shot and poured. We had a good drop of calves today; 16 new babies. In my free time I did a little house cleaning and gave Molly a bath.

April 16

Wednesday: The wind blew hard during chores. After chores I got a second coat of gel varnish on the window and finished cleaning house. Pizza pockets were on the menu for dinner. The wind died to a nice breeze, so Molly and I went for a walk outside. I got another coat of gel varnish applied before leaving for my weekly trip to Small Town. We had a fun religious education class and the kids inspired me this afternoon!

April 16

Thursday: This afternoon the guy is coming to spay heifers. After chores we are going to sort the steers off and work them. We will work the heifers as they go through the spay chute. I hope to squeeze in another coat or two on the window.

April 16I took these two goof balls with me to get the mail on Monday. One needed to run off some excess energy and one needed to go out and get some fresh air. As you can see going to get the mail is an exciting thing at our house.

I had these two shots of Mom’s Southdowns I wanted to share. Last week Mom sent me a video text of her lambs playing “king of the mountain” on a hay bale; it maked me chuckle. I’ve been taking my camera with me while out and about; I might see a “Kodak moment” I want to capture.

What would you put in your “journal entry” this week?  

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9 Responses to Journal Entry

  1. Janet Wilson says:

    My busy you, but sounds like fun. Like your pictures! I am having a coffee for some friends on Friday afternoon. We went to Fremont for Nicole’s game at 5 and 7 yesterday. They lost the first game by 4 and the second game lost in overtime with 12 endings, we left at the 9 ending since we had a 3 hrs back, but it was fun. Have a great day, we had 30 hundreds of rain, ya!

    • Robyn says:

      That’s a lot of game time. I’m sure it means a lot that you and Bill can watch.
      Dad said you got a shower and there were no puddles in the yard. 30 hundredths will settle the dust for a little bit.

  2. lisa says:

    Definately that the wind blew and blew. It’s still dry here. Oh!! We got our first lamb! Let all the darn ings begin ….

    • Robyn says:

      Good luck with lambing and calving season. The fences around summer grass shouldn’t be to horrible to fix with no snow to drag them down.

  3. Candy C. says:

    Busy week so far, makes me feel like a slacker! LOL!! We have been windy here the past two days and today it is a chilly wind. Speaking of slacking, I’d better get down to the barn and muck out the goat shed… 😉

    • Robyn says:

      Maybe this will be the last time you need to muck out the goat shed, spring is here and that means green grass.
      It was windy again this morning with a little moisture in the air. We had a cool 4-wheeler ride during chores. The wind has died down and it a sunny 59* this afternoon.

  4. Cheri says:

    You had a busy week there girl!
    Oh how the dogs LOVE to go to the mail box! Lol! Ours is 3 miles away. Big adventure for them.
    Dumb question, but I’m guessing you guys like the new grill?

  5. Cheri says:

    Hmmm. My whole comment didn’t show up! Ha! It’s been a long day. Just got done with our first draft of branding.
    I’m hot, dirty and stink like burnt hair! 🙂

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