January; The First Week

The first week of January has been a good one on the Prairie. To start, the weather has been mostly beautiful. Thursday and Friday we had fog and Saturday the high temperature dropped to single digits. J and I have not missed the lack of wind! The wind must have missed us as hear it howling this morning.

January 11

A week ago Sunday J went coyote calling. He sent me two texts, the first with a single coyote. The second picture had three. J said he saw and heard more coyotes and was excited with the success of his afternoon hunt. I love hearing about his hunts; he gets so excited.

Monday J and Cousin T decided to try their hand at ice fishing. Again, success! J’s Dad and Uncle stopped in Tuesday and joined us for a fish dinner. It’s fun to have fresh fish in January.

January 11

Tuesday J and I decided to try brisket on the Green Egg. We have a couple 3-4 pound cuts of brisket and thought we would smoke it for the two of us. J got the egg out and going while I slathered the meat with yellow mustard and seasoned it with Kocher salt and black pepper. We smoked it for 6 hours, wrapped it in tin foil and let it keep cooking. When I wrapped it I added coffee to keep the meat moist. J took it off the egg at 5 pm wrapped it in a towel and let it rest for an hour.

It was a good test run. We thought it was a little on the smoky side and a bit bitter. We think the bitter came from the type of charcoal we used. Next time we are going to try different brand of lump charcoal and maybe a rub vs. salt and pepper.

January 11

Mid week found J and I on the road. J went to Small Town for a meeting and I headed to North Dakota Border Town for an appointment and groceries. It was nice to get out of the house and restock the fridge.

January 11

I did some major baking Thursday and Friday. Thursday I made two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies and two batches of Peanut Butter “Star” Cookies. The grocery store had Christmas candy on sale and I stocked up on chocolate stars.

Friday I made two batches of Pumpkin Wheat Honey Muffins and two batches of Apple Muffins. I enjoy being in the kitchen and having go-to foods in my freezer. Sometimes I wish I had a dish washing fairy to help me with the clean up.

January 11

With the cold snap on Saturday J got his paper work in order for taxes. After Church on Sunday we went to Cousin T’s for dinner. We celebrated our favorite Mechanic’s birthday and had a good visit.

Today starts the online “One Day” art class I am taking, hosted by Jodene Shaw at White Owl Wings. I’m looking forward to this journey of soul-searching and creativity.

Also on the agenda this week, bangs vaccinating heifers at Cousin T’s and at home. That means sorting calves on Wednesday afternoon and a busy Thursday.

How was your first week of the New Year?

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7 Responses to January; The First Week

  1. Alica says:

    Mmmm…brisket sounds good! We don’t have a smoker, but have had meat that’s been done that way, and it’s so good! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Hopefully that wind doesn’t howl too loudly! 🙂

  2. Janet Birky says:

    Sounds like a great week, cookies, fresh fish, yum. We went to ball games for my grandchildren, Central City, Loup City. Saturday Plesanton for Blake. We are going to Geneva today. Try to go one day at a time. Have a great week, love

    • Robyn says:

      Aunt Janet,

      You and UB are one busy couple! I’m sure the Grands love seeing you in the crowd and their parents enjoy visiting with you.

      Safe Travels!

  3. Kim says:

    I looked at your photo of the cattle eating and thought a great caption would be: “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” As I said before, you were a baking ninja last week!

    Brent really wants to get a smoker. He’s doing his research at the moment, and I think he plans to wait until spring.

    • Robyn says:


      I love watching a cow how enjoys her feed eat. Yes, I was a baking ninja.

      If Brent is serious about smoking have him research The Big Green Egg. J watches You Tube videos all the time. Since the Egg is ceramic it is also a charcoal grill. They even say one can bake in them.

  4. Pam Galindo says:

    I really loved the photo of your dog. I recalled my years as a teenager, growing up in Requa, California, where my dad would sometimes be a guide for tourists wanting to fish on the Klamath River. Dad would often bring home fish, mostly salmon, and often he would put it in the smoker and the results were so yummy. p.s. your cookies sounded very good. Maybe I’ll go bake.

    • Robyn says:


      Rosie loves to do chores and go for walks with me, but her passion is working cattle. She’s not perfect, but J and I would be lost without her.

      We watch Alaska The Last Frontier, in one of the episodes they smoked fresh caught salmon. That would be a treat for this prairie girl!

      Did you try the cookie recipes? J will not allow me to make any other chocolate chip cookie recipe or alter this one. I like the peanut butter cookies as they are simple and only four ingredients!

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