It’s Cold!

My address is South Dakota, but I have concluded that I live on the North pole.  The last week we have seen highs in the single digits, most days.  The wind came up Saturday afternoon and the snow drifted a bit.  Today it is 21 degrees versus 2. 

J has had several calves in the last few days.  He has had to put them in the hot box and supplement them with colostrum to get them dry, warm and going.

Calf Warming Box

We have most of the pairs moved out to a pasture east of our house.  Those babies are running, kicking, and jumping happy.  It always amazes me how fast the calves get their feet under them,  grow and change.

Even with my “weekend warrior”  help it still takes all morning to do chores.  Between feeding, barn chores, and checking heifers J makes a lot of tracks in a day!

As ranchers we are born optimists and we know that spring is just around the corner!


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