Ignite The Future of Agriculture

This week is National FFA Week.  A week for members of The National FFA Organization  to celebrate agriculture education, advocate for FFA and agriculture, share ideas and have fun.  FFA chapters make a special effort to share the impact FFA has on students and do community service activities.

I have a few interesting FFA facts to share:

Eighty-six years ago a group of ag-business leaders, teachers and students foresaw the challenge of feeding a growing population and the need to promote ag related jobs to future generations through science and business.  At the Baltimore Hotel in Kansas City, 33 young farmers chartered what became The Future Farmers of America.

There are 579,678 students in 7,570 FFA Chapters across the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Forty-four percent of FFA members are females and those girls hold 50% of the leadership roles at the state level.

February 18

Texas, California, Georgia, Missouri and Oklahoma are the states with the highest enrollment numbers and 91% of members are high school students.  There are chapters in 18 of the 20 biggest cities in the United States.

Last year the organization gave out 1,726 individual scholarships meriting over $2.1 million.

This youth organization is committed to providing a route to leadership, personal development, and career success through agricultural education.

ffaweek_2014_banner_960x260      (Picture from the The National FFA Organization website)

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8 Responses to Ignite The Future of Agriculture

  1. cheri says:

    FFA &4-H is such a wonderful program for young people. It teaches them so much. Its so fun to go to our little fair here and watch them show their animals and wares with such pride.

  2. Kim says:

    My husband is an FFA alum. Our school offers the only FFA chapter in the county. I was interested to read your facts about the leadership of young women. I would say that the local chapter usually has more females in officer positions than males. Some of our local members have gone on to serve on the state level. Like 4-H, FFA definitely can be a vehicle to developing leadership skills that will be used for a lifetime.

  3. Anne Payne says:

    Thanks for sharing, Robyn. Love these organizations that promote rural living and farm life! Our children were all in 4-H during their earlier years of homeschooling.

  4. Wonderfully informative post and great shot of your ‘furry’ friend ~ love it ~ thanks, carol

  5. Good info…we have an active group in our community♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/screened-print/

  6. Eden Hills says:

    Interesting facts. My son was in FFA throughout high school. It’s a great organization.

  7. Jen says:

    Interesting. Enjoyed reading the facts here especially the part about women and the girls in leadership roles… Really great and matches up with everything I’m hearing these days.

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