Hustling and Bustling

Last week was a wild one. Halloween kicked off fall cattle work with weaning calves at home. Sunday afternoon J helped Cousin T wean calves. Cousin T didn’t need my sorting skills, so I stayed home and power washed vehicles. It was almost 70* the first day of November!

November 9

Monday morning J and his Dad helped Cousin T ship calves. In the afternoon T, B, (J’s folks) J and I started our latest fencing project; a span of continuous rod fence. Monday we got almost all the big posts set and post holes drilled for the smaller support posts.

We shipped a load of calves on Tuesday morning. After dinner the four of us went back to working on the fence. We got all the continuous panels up! It took us a little bit to get it a working plan. Once we figured it out the panels went up fast. Our timing was just right as we ran out of screws to hang the panels with at dark.

November 9

Wednesday morning J and I moved turned tires. We like them for fresh weaned calves as they make less noise than steel bunks when calf hit them. We also got the feed wagon out and greased. After that we filled the wagon with the first batch of feed and let them out of the weaning pen.

Wednesday afternoon it was back to the fence. J’s Dad made a run for screws and gates so we could keep fencing. T, J and I hung gates and built a corner. The next afternoon J and I got the 4-wheeler auto-gate in and wire portion of the fence back up. The fence will hold cattle; the next step is setting and tamping the small support posts.

November 9

Thursday morning we helped Cousin T and Roy work cows. Friday Cousin T and Roy came over to help us work the weaned calves and sort cows. We sorted cows into three groups. The biggest group is the main cow herd. The cows bred with their second calf and the old Granny cows in good shape get sorted off and given a little extra care over the winter months. The third group is cows to sell. Tomorrow we are ultrasounding and working cows.

November 9

The weaned calves are doing good. They are adjusting well to feed and life without mamma. So far, they haven’t caused any problems or spooked. We will keep our fingers crossed for a little longer.

November 9

I purchased a booth at the annual Christmas Fair that is held in Small Town. I knew we would have weaned calves and chores, but thought having a booth at the fair would work. I totally forgot about working weaned calves and running cows through the chute. It added to our already busy week, but it all worked out. I had a good day visiting with friends and neighbors.

Yesterday I got my slightly neglected house clean and feel ready for the new week. After chores I’ll be in the kitchen getting a meal ready for tomorrow. This weekend J’s Uncles will be here for the opening of deer hunting season. Sounds like J’s Sister and her family will be here too. A wild and fun weekend is on the horizon.

How are your weaned calves doing? What have you been up to lately? 

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4 Responses to Hustling and Bustling

  1. Deer season is here, as well. (although with archers in the house, it’s been in progress a couple of months already for us.) Good luck to your hunters, and whew! You are a hard worker, Robyn! Excited for you at the craft show.
    With hunting opener, this past weekend is all about craft shows and booths in our nearby town. I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a booth next year.. something new and fun!

  2. Nita says:

    Glad the weather and the cattle are cooperating this year. I am always worn out just reading all the hard work you and your family put in. Absolutely love the last two photos. The golden light on the hey and the cattle of in the distance is terrific, and oh boy the looks they are giving in that last shot made me shiver. LOL

  3. We are weaning calves also with the last group almost settled in. My cowboy and I always celebrate when the “singing” ends 😊

    We got snow today — did you all?

    Hope that the calves do well!

  4. CountryMum says:

    Ohh I really like that first photo. Would look fabulous on one of your cards, or a calendar…
    How did your booth at the Christmas Fair go?

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