Hurry Up and Wait

Last Monday J and I were up super early and watching the radar. We ended up cancelling working calves. We received early morning showers making the calves too wet to brand. With no sun and gray clouds we knew the babies wouldn’t be dry enough for branding. Chores and fencing ended up being the tasks of the day.

May 16

J’s Uncle Doug came out to help us work calves. While we waited for clear skies and dry weather, the guys ended up doing odd jobs in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon I took eggs to small town and ran errands. I was ready to leave the yard for a few hours. The cold rainy days made me needing sunshine; catching up with a couple close friends lifted my spirits.

May 16

Thursday delivered a gorgeous day! We gathered the first group of pairs at 5:30 am. We marched through them, took a coffee break and had the second group gathered and sorted by 10 o’clock. We were done around 11:30. By then we were ready to sit down and enjoy dinner. J’s Mom had dinner at her house. We teamed up and made ham, cheesy potatoes, creamed corn, jello salad, veggie/relish tray and a Pineapple dessert.

By afternoon the wind had come up. B and I decided to mow again. I was sure glad for a hot shower that evening!

May 16

When I got up and looked out the window Friday morning, we had strips of snow on the lawn. Yes, snow! It was a windy 34* and cool morning for chores. After the big day on Thursday we took Friday afternoon easy.

May 16

Saturday was another day of working calves; we branded at Cousin T’s. It was a sunny but crisp 28* gathering pairs at 5:30. The day turned out to be perfect for doing cattle work.

When we got home from branding we did a few chores. J and Uncle went to check cattle and see if there was any frost damage to the hay fields. I decided I better harvest rhubarb. I had been procrastinating on this task and we were in another frost warning. The rhubarb was bountiful! Sunday I made two batches of Rhubarb Bread and two batches of jam.

May 16

I just got done reading Meadowlark by Dawn Wink. This book came as a suggestion from Jodi Shaw as one of the inspirations behind her Consider Birds On-Line Art Class. Jodi talks about the book and a custom art piece she created about Meadowlark on this blog post.

I highly recommend this book. I love Dawn’s writing style and the story she shares. This book documents Dawn’s great-grandmother Grace’s life on the western South Dakota prairie. Grace didn’t have an easy marriage, she was a hard-working, tender-hearted woman who loved her son and treated her neighbors like family. Grace’s journey between 1911-1930 is different from modern-day prairie life, but there are many human emotions and issues that ranch wives still face today.

May 16

Today is the first day for Consider Birds! I’m excited to learn more about using art and nature to find peace of mind and trade in anxious thoughts.

May 16J wants to get around summer pasture fence this week and finish the fencing project he started last week. Also on the agenda, moving cattle around at home, taking pairs to grass and we have a handful of young calves yet to brand. The weatherman is talking nice temps; I’m looking forward to some sunshine and spring time!

Have you worked/branded calves yet? Have you turned pairs out to summer grass?

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  1. Buttons says:

    It sounds like the weather is better for you. Busy busy. We have never had to brand and I have never seen it done. We at the most have had one hundred head on our farm so never had to.
    Good luck and enjoy your Consider Birds. Hugs B

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